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  • Traffic causes bus safety concerns
    Now that the school year has begun, there is more traffic on weekday mornings and afternoons as buses, parents dropping off kids, and students cross the streets. Due to this extra traffic, additional safety precautions have to be taken to avoid accidents.  
  • New inductees to the student art gallery

    Spring Grove Public School has many artists within its walls and their talent is showcased in artwork that is displayed throughout the school, including the student art gallery that displays the most outstanding pieces.

  • SV food shelf is seeking volunteers  to help with upcoming move

    The Spring Valley Area Food Shelf is moving to a new home and the board is asking for the community’s help. 

  • It’s always interesting which columns generate conversation, at least conversation that makes it back to my ears. The feedback from last week’s column on the responsibility of the press was surprising.

  • Fall is definitely in the air this week and someone reminded me the important thing about that is it reminds us “you know what” will be here soon. It seems a good time to plan ahead for a productive winter, not waiting until we are wondering what to do next.

  • I’ve been in frequent conversations with our Minnesota Newspaper Association attorney over the past few months. He’s a nice guy and I always enjoy talking to him, but the multiple conversations aren’t social calls; they have been necessary due to the passion of our contributors to our opinion page.

  • “We decided to have a kids’ event so that there is a way for every family member to participate. The bus will take the run/hike participants out to the Ninebark Trailhead — after gathering at Groen Park in Chatfield at 9 a.m. — and the kids’ run will start soon after that, around 9:15,” explained Bluff Country Hiking Club (BCHC) member Jenny Bradt.

  • A meeting will be held at Good Earth Village outside of Spring Valley Wednesday, Sept. 24, on how area communities can prepare and respond to the potential impact of Destination Medical Center.

  • The Spring Valley Area Community Foundation is holding a beer and brat gathering for alumni of Spring Valley, Wykoff and Kingsland schools.

Fall season

What do you like best about the fall season?


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