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  • Girls State experience drives youth to go for her dreams

    “Americanism, pride, determination, teamwork, compromise, great food, late bedtimes and wonderful girls.  When I think back on my experience at Girls State that is what fills my mind,” Spring Valley native, Leah McQueen said of her time at this year’s Girls State event held June 15 through 20 at St. Thomas University in St. Paul.

  • Keeping up with technology for the local library takes a lot of Hart
    It seems as though the future is upon us. We have unlimited information at the palm of our hands in the form of smart phones. We are consistently accessing and adding to that information daily. Communication has become much quicker. It seems as though hard copies of information, such as books and encyclopedias are going out of date. 
  • Former mayor Butch Helgeson to serve  as one of five grand marshals this weekend

    As a 41-year Canton resident and a Canton High School graduate, Donald (Butch) Helgeson is quite familiar with the events of Canton Day Off. Butch remembers many years of this town holiday, specifically recalling the thousands of people who used to ride the train to Canton to attend.

  • County Fair ready to roll
    When this year’s Houston County Fair kicks off Aug. 13, an incredible assortment of activities will keep visitors entertained for four solid days. 
  • Every five years, the community volunteers host a three-day festival, celebrating the town’s residents and long history. Smaller events are held on the Saturday closest to Aug. 15 on the other years with the funds raised during those festivities being used to pay for entertainment and parade entries for what they have termed “The Big One.”

  • By the time this issue of the newspaper is delivered, many bicyclists may have already infiltrated the Preston area in preparation for their four-day tour around Southeastern Minnesota. They come as a part of the Bicycling Around Minnesota tour, a jaunt encompassing around 60 to 75 miles of pedaling per day on paved, low-traveled roads.

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