Billy Dean, a country music star, will be performing at the Chatfield Center for the Arts on Friday evening and at JAC's Bar and Grill on Saturday.
Billy Dean, a country music star, will be performing at the Chatfield Center for the Arts on Friday evening and at JAC's Bar and Grill on Saturday.

Want to hear Billy and Dan?

Get moving - they're only here for a little while.

"We are excited to announce that Billy Dean and his bass player, Dan Mahar, are coming to Chatfield to play at the Chatfield Center for the Arts' very own Legion Room for a special performance this Friday, Jan. 18, and they will also play at JAC's Bar and Grill this Saturday, Jan. 19. All profits from the Friday night concert will benefit the Center for the Arts," said Chatfield's city clerk, Joel Young.

Young is helping spread the news about country singer Billy Dean's return to Chatfield's Center for the Arts, following a performance on the stage at Potter Auditorium last October. Dean's special guest is bass guitarist Dan Mahar, who toured with Dean until 1995.

The fundraiser concert is a welcome encore after Dean's first sell-out Chatfield performance, an opportunity for a personal evening with his music.

The Quincy, Fla., native "was raised appreciating the value of music and has a diverse array of musical influences," according to his biography.

"Shortly after high school, a worldwide talent search landed him in Nashville in the early '80s, where he finished in the top 10. In 1988, Dean entered another talent show, and won his first episode of Ed McMahon's 'Star Search' and received national recognition and the attention of music executives. Dean's debut album 'Young Man' was released on Capital Records in 1990, along with his single 'Only Here For a Little While,' which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts."

Dean co-authored his second single "Somewhere in My Broken Heart" with Hall of Fame songwriter Richard Leigh, which soared all the way to number one and was nominated for a Grammy. "Somewhere In My Broken Heart" went on to win The Academy of Country Music's Song of The Year, earning Dean his first platinum album and Country Music's Top New Male Vocalist of the Year Award.

Billy Dean's music has sold millions worldwide. Eleven top 10 singles and five number ones expanded this singer's career, adding several acting credits to his name.

After 12 albums and 11 Top 10 singles spanning over a period of 18 years, Dean founded the publishing company BDMG (Billy Dean Music Group). He continues to make contributions to the country music world by building brands with music and empowering children, by being a spokesperson for Averitt Cares for Kids and Sunkist's Take A Stand Program.

His latest album, "Let Them Be Little," was inspired by those closest to him, his two children, Hannah and Eli, and his wife, Stephanie.

"Dean's true gift comes through during his signature solo acoustic performances," his biography stated. "An accomplished musician, Dean has a rare, unique ability to take you on an emotional journey with just him and a guitar. The raw energy of his personality, sense of humor and powerful vocals, leaves a lasting impression on audiences once they experience the quality of his music up close and personal."

Bassist Dan Mahar's career is long and varied, but always in music, beginning in 1979 when he began touring the Midwest with a variety of bands playing and singing songs by artists ranging from Tony Bennett to The Beatles and all the in-betweens.

Also a writer, Mahar began composing his own music and, according to the biography on his website,, "after nearly 10 years of playing honkytonks, county fairs, ballrooms and street dances throughout the Midwest, the desire to play in the big time won out and Dan moved to Nashville to pursue and perfect his picking, singing and writing."

It went on to note that he "secured an audition for the lead acoustic and electric guitar chair in the touring band of Capitol recording artist, Billy Dean."

Mahar was soon one of "The Regulators," playing as the opening act for The Judds' farewell tour.

As Dean's career advanced, Mahar was able to perform with him numerous times. He left Dean's band in 1995, "choosing to spend more time in his then-hometown of Aberdeen, S.D."

He created Mahar Music Works, a business focused on creating musical brands or jingles. In December of 2001, Dan and his wife, Mary Groth, moved to Sioux Falls, where he began teaching guitar, performing regularly around town and recording two albums of original blues.

Currently, Mahar is teaching guitar, performing and finishing a new record and enjoying life in South Dakota.

As proceeds from the Dean-Mahar concert will benefit the Chatfield Center for the Arts, concert attendees are invited to return to the center to enjoy other events as the center's vintage classrooms continue to evolve from schoolhouse to art venues.

Renovation of the historic former Chatfield Elementary School building and the adjoining Potter Auditorium, built in 1916 and 1935 respectively, has been ongoing for the past three years and includes the removal of the midcentury addition, asbestos abatement, refinishing hardwood floors, repainting Potter's walls and floor, installing air conditioning and creating the Legion Room, where intimate concerts such as the Chosen Bean Concert Series, author visits, receptions and other events can be held.

Billy Dean and Dan Mahar will entertain for "a little while" this Friday, Jan. 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Legion Room at the Chatfield Center for the Arts. Only 100 tickets will be available at $20 each, and tickets can be reserved at

Young advised interested persons to reserve tickets as soon as possible, as "we expect a sell-out crowd."

The Chatfield Center for the Arts is located at 405 S. Main St., Chatfield. For more information on upcoming events, log onto

Both Dean and Mahar will be appearing for an "acoustic evening" at JAC's Bar and Grill on Saturday, Jan. 19, beginning at 8:30 p.m. There is no cover charge for the Saturday night concert.