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Monday, November 16, 2015 10:23 AM

As members and staff of the Land Stewardship Project (LSP), we feel compelled to respond to racially-triggered incidents in our region, including the flying of a confederate flag on a highly visible street in Lewiston.

  • As members and staff of the Land Stewardship Project (LSP), we feel compelled to respond to racially-triggered incidents in our region, including the flying of a confederate flag on a highly visible street in Lewiston.

  •   We are fortunate to live as citizens of one of the most wealthy and capable nations on earth; a country with per capita purchasing power some 20 to 30 times that of the poorest world countries. So, how are we to treat those in the world who are impoverished by comparison to us?  
  • This letter is in response to Bryan Van Gorp’s recent guest commentary published in last week’s Bluff Country Reader.  

  • McDonald's pledge last week to start using cage-free eggs is only a small step in preventing staggering suffering endured by millions of birds.

  • We just wanted to thank Lisa Brainard for the article regarding the Stoddard, Wis., rock show.

  • With the wild fires in northern California, the flooding in Utah and the horrendous plight of the refugees fleeing the Middle East, it has been a welcome distraction to pause and reflect on a problem of less significance posed by Kim Davis in Kentucky.

  • Fossil fuels and the railroads: Each of these industries is now an arm of the other. The current rail expansion up and down the Mississippi is all about fossil fuels.

  • A number of people have mentioned to me that they agreed with my former letter to the editor regarding closing Kingsland Middle School, and they weren’t all from the Wykoff area. One particular lady from the Wykoff area told me that she had been up to the middle school to clean up the outside, as it looked so sad and neglected. She related to me that she had pulled weeds and had done other things there to make it look nice. I believe she also wanted it to look appealing when the kids came back to school.

  • Attention: People of the Wykoff area! The Kingsland School Board’s committee is at it again to close the school in Wykoff! The reason the article gives is the cost to do repairs at the school in Wykoff. Many of us wonder why those repairs were not taken care of through the years since the time consolidation took place instead of waiting until it became costly? What an excuse!

  • I usually agree with positions taken by U.S. Rep. Tim Walz (MN-1), but I strongly disagree with his recent vote in support of HR1599, which would ban states from requiring that foods containing genetically-engineered ingredients be labeled.

  • There’s a “No Frac Sand” sign in my front yard in Rollingstone, because my wife and I support a ban on frac sand mining, processing and transportation in Winona County. We think that responsible protection of our shared natural environment should far outweigh the potential for financial gain for mining companies and a small number of individual county residents.

  • There are a couple of errors in the "Letter from our Readers," by Yvonne Nyenhuis, published earlier this month. First of all, I believe, homosexuality is a choice. God, who created us, decides the rules, and he condemns homosexuality from Genesis to Revelation. There are people who get saved and delivered from this lifestyle. 


    The recent 5-4 Supreme Court vote on allowing same-sex marriage is by far not a mandate and not everyone is in agreement with this issue. In 2008, Obama told Rick Warren, “I believe that marriage is the union between man and woman. Now for me as a Christian...it is also a sacred union. God's in the mix.” The liberal left didn't call him homophobic or a bigot as some like to do now. As the climate changed, so did Obama's views. Thus God must not be “in the mix anymore,” but politics is.

  • The church is the center of the community where I was born, literally and figuratively. It is a cathedral built in the Gothic tradition seen in Europe.

  • Peterson only has a few buildable lots available and with the water main being replaced during the upcoming road project, a stub was included going west to the entrance of Myrtle Ave.  
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