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Monday, June 15, 2015 9:51 AM

The church is the center of the community where I was born, literally and figuratively. It is a cathedral built in the Gothic tradition seen in Europe.

  • The church is the center of the community where I was born, literally and figuratively. It is a cathedral built in the Gothic tradition seen in Europe.

  • Peterson only has a few buildable lots available and with the water main being replaced during the upcoming road project, a stub was included going west to the entrance of Myrtle Ave.  
  • As we send out checks to the 102 nonprofit organizations that participated in the Otto Bremer Foundation’s March Millions for Southeastern Minnesota campaign, it reminded us again what committed and generous individuals there are across communities in this part of the state.

  • Residents who were incorrectly concerned that I do not support land buffers can rest easier tonight.

  • Spring in Pennsylvania has a softness and fragrance that is haunting. One day the sky was a silver blue, and the sun warm. Instead of taking public transportation, I decided to walk the four miles from Bryn Athyn where I was a junior in high school to my home in Willow Grove. 

  • I am a farmer and I found State Rep. Greg Davids’ letter to the editor in the May 4, 2015, Bluff Country Reader disgusting. His inflammatory language does the public a disservice. This is an issue affecting all citizens, not just farmers. Water quality is a constant issue for each of us every day.

  • With Minnesota’s projected $2 billion surplus, now is the time for us to invest more in both health care and education. There is no good reason to create the false choice of trimming one to fund the other.

  • Greg Rendahl recently expressed his disappointment with my opposition to Gov. Dayton's idea requiring 50-foot buffer zones along rivers and streams (Bluff Country Reader letter April 20 edition). He thinks I'm catering to the interests of a few "greedy" farmers.

  • A variation of March Madness recently swept through Indiana in the hysteria over the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). In the clash between truth and fiction, truth is the overwhelming underdog. The media and national liberal groups promptly rained down a storm of distortion, all because Indiana desired what the Founding Fathers did: the freedom to live the tenets of their faith without discrimination.

  • As a farmer with a creek on my land, I was so disappointed by a recent statement by my representative, Greg Davids: "I say, 'I'm going to kill it personally. It ain't going to happen,'" when speaking of the proposed 50' buffer strip along rivers and creeks. This seems all too typical of today's partisan politics that view compromise as a dirty word.

  • They're back! Rick Frick and his merry band of get­rich schemers. Two years ago, St. Charles wasn't having his Minnesota Proppant plan. Maybe they didn't buy the idea of a few guys and a shovel building the largest sand wash facility ever!

  • The frac sand debate in Houston County has mushroomed into a question of government accountability.  It turns out that Planning and Zoning Administrator Bob Scanlon has retaliated against not only frac sand opponents, but also farmers. 

  • Did you know that abortion facilities in Minnesota are unlicensed and uninspected? It’s true. The Department of Health has no authority over abortion centers. Is it right that these places, which perform one of the most common surgical procedures in the state (some years abortion is the most common procedure), keep their doors closed to health inspectors? It raises the question: What do they have to hide?

  • Many are familiar with the infamous exchange of five dangerous, murderous Taliban leaders incarcerated in Gitmo Prison for Bowe Bergdahl, a solder who separated from his unit and spent the next five years with the Taliban.

  • At the meeting on Feb. 18, Houston County commissioners voted unanimously to put ban language into the proposed mining ordinance.   
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