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Monday, August 11, 2014 9:01 AM

A President should have some knowledge of law, economics (business and finance), science (the environment), history and geography (including an understanding of religious and cultural differences).

  • A President should have some knowledge of law, economics (business and finance), science (the environment), history and geography (including an understanding of religious and cultural differences).

  • Your business is small — is a website, mobile website, advertising with other media necessary? 
  • My Minnesota Energy even pay for natural gas went up $50 a month. An elderly friend's went up $40. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts rising natural gas prices through 2014. I doubt they will ever go down again. 
  • The "Bergdahl" incident has once again brought to public consciousness the phenomenon prevalent in our lives, the "tendency to rush to judgment." 
  • My name is Lina Della Libera from Germany, and I had the awesome opportunity to be a PAX exchange student at Fillmore Central High School this year. My host family was the Corson family of Preston - Eric, Tara, Siri, Elias and Jonas. 
  • We are one nation, of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. 
  • I have a very deep interest that developed in 1993-1995 when most websites were tested using GUI browsers like Mosaic or Netcape for Windows and were just really online brochures. For Linux there was Lynx, a very efficient text browser. 
  • Here in Winneshiek County, keeping our roads and bridges passable and in good repair is both costly and time consuming. Budgets strain. Our long winters take their toll. 
  • Some, not all, but some Christians scoff at, even hate, environmentalists. To the scoffers, it is pure arrogance to think that human activity could destroy creation. 
  • I would like to comment on Bonita Underbakke's letter to the editor on April 28. We have a right to be concerned about sand frac mining, especially in Fillmore County. All sand frac meetings the last two years have missed one important point: All the rules and regulations are not worth a dime if not enforced. 
  • I applaud neighboring Houston County Commissioner Dana Kjome's words about balancing personal rights with responsibility toward community. (Bluff County Reader, April 14, 2014, page 12). 
  • It is usually quiet when we step into the church. Sometimes it is as if you can almost hear people thinking and praying. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of church, they all got a feeling to them. It is one of the things we do when we get out and about. 
  • Winneshiek County is indeed a beautiful and healthy place to live and visit. In fact, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently designated Winneshiek County as the eighth healthiest in the whole country. The threat of frac sand mining on the health and beauty of the county is real, and I am glad to see the supervisors taking this threat seriously. 
  • Each year the JRLC (Joint Religious Legislative Coalition) has what is called, "A Day on the Hill." The coalition is a broad grouping of religious faiths in Minnesota, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There were about 30 co-sponsors this year. This gathering had attendees from throughout Minnesota. 
  • As I have tried to study silica sand mine issues in southeastern Minnesota, I have to say I am a bit disappointed in Minnesotans. It appears that our stance is one of "let's do what we can to prevent silica sand mining in southeastern Minnesota," when we should collectively take the stance of "what can we do as Minnesotans to make safe silica sand mining viable in southeastern Minnesota?" 
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