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Monday, June 06, 2016 11:42 AM
I have followed news of the failed attempts to pass a bonding bill that could have built critical infrastructure projects and created many jobs for Minnesotans.

  • I have followed news of the failed attempts to pass a bonding bill that could have built critical infrastructure projects and created many jobs for Minnesotans.

  • The Department of Education and Department of Justice sent out a letter to school districts across the nation informing us that we have to comply with their twisted interpretation of the law regarding the bathroom issue or risk losing federal funding.

  • As residents of Winona County, we are blessed to live in what is arguably the most beautiful part of Minnesota with the scenic blufflands of the Mississippi and some of the best trout fishing in the state, both right in our backyards. For now.

  • Regarding the commentary from Kathleen Rogers in the April 18 edition of the Bluff Country Reader, it is amazing what we can get people to believe once we convince them to stop considering God and his word, or how easily we can convince them to believe being a Christian is no more important than belonging to the "correct" sorority in college! 

  • Have you met Thomas Trehus? He is running to represent District 28B in the State House of Representatives. 

  • We moved to Chatfield one year ago from Lanesboro. We love the community so far but I have noticed a huge problem with the pedestrian safety in the downtown area. I always yield to pedestrians; on multiple occasions I have been passed on the right and have had oncoming vehicles not yield. This is causing an even more dangerous situation. I implore you to please do something about this situation. 

  • After another winter of severe snowstorms and floods, I look forward to March 20, first day of spring, balmy weather and blooming flowers.

  • On Monday, March 7, the city council of Preston agenda will include the long-standing ordinance that requires a screening green belt surrounding the perimeter of mobile home parks that border residential properties. 

  • Two of our Winona County commissioners hope to fool citizens on frac sand. 

  • I attended the LeRoy Township Board meeting on Feb. 15 due to concerns with the governance of the business of myself, and fellow citizens therein. What I experienced was disappointing, and frustrating, at best. I believe that if there is a common interest for the community in which taxes are properly assessed that it is the civic duty of citizens to pay their taxes. I do not believe, however, as the president of the LeRoy Township and another board member stated in this meeting, that the tax dollars should be paid by all for services not rendered. I also believe that no public servant should state that if the services are not rendered that the person inquiring about them should “tell it to the wind,” as the LeRoy Township president stated. This does not mean I expect everyone to be 100 percent happy with everything all the time; but, when there are direct questions to the safety of the township that is being paid for, but not fulfilled, they deserve more discussion.

  • Three years ago, my husband and I moved from Minneapolis to Lanesboro with no regrets. We had our wedding at our farm supported by local music and businesses, and recently left the cubicle life to run our two businesses in downtown.  Shortly after we moved here, a corner grocery store opened up and we were excited to get almost all of our grocery needs here in downtown Lanesboro. Two years later, this corner market has added a variety of items and produce as more residents support this business.

  • Once again, Minnesota’s wolf population needs your help. Their return to “threatened” status on the endangered species list, made possible by federal court action, kept our state from having a recreational hunt in 2015. This was good news for the 78 percent of Minnesotans who oppose the wolf hunt and the even more cruel practices of trapping and snaring, the latter which can cause a wolf’s brain to swell as the carotid artery keeps pumping blood to the brain, an extremely painful way to die.

  • Kudos to you and your staff for an informative and enjoyable newspaper. I look forward to reading it. Today I’d like to respond to the Feb. 1 letter from Linda Hovland of Rushford, “More gun violence does not come from having more guns.”

  • I recently read that some schools in the Twin Cities area are redefining holiday celebrations such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other holiday and calling them “seasonal” celebrations. They are striving to be more culturally sensitive and inclusive. 

  • Join with your neighbors to organize and support candidates of your choice for next November’s general election during Minnesota caucuses on Tuesday, March 1.

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