As a liberal Democrat dissatisfied with blue dog DINO (Democrat In Name Only) Rep. Tim Walz's pro-Republican voting record, I have been looking for an alternative. Since there will not be a primary challenge, I had hoped there would be a Republican I could support. That is why I want to thank right wing zealot Colonel Stan Gudmundson USAF (ret.) for exposing Republican candidate Mike Parry as a heretic.

According to the Colonel, he doesn't tow the ideological line and fails the extremist litmus test on their politburo North Korean style dogma. What? a moderate!? Someone who, god forbid, compromises!? An Eisenhower, Youngdahl, Rockefeller, Scott of Pennsylvania; an old-style real Republican from days of yore before the great Republican Party of my youth was hi-jacked by anti-American extremist thugs?

Mr. Perry, count this old lefty in your camp, and thanks again, Colonel!

Backrank Private Jerry Grehl, U.S. Army (ret.),