Dear editor,

I have paid virtually no attention to the political scene in Minnesota. I'm not even certain who is vying for Tim Walz's seat.

I had an opportunity though to listen to Mike Parry in one of his first meet-and-greet get-togethers before we left for California for the winter. I recently read everything on his website.

He says he is a conservative. I don't think he is. The audience had an opportunity to ask a number of questions of Parry at his meeting.

Conservatives generally have no problem telling you what they believe. Their responses are based on long established and firm beliefs based on very solid principles. That clearly was not evident in Parry's answers. He wouldn't give us a straight answer about ethanol. He did say, however, that his common retort is to ask whether we want food prices to skyrocket, blah-blah-blah.

This answer is really troubling as it indicates someone who is largely clueless about economics. In addition, on three or four occasions Parry wouldn't provide answers to questions because, as he said, he needed to be in Washington to find out what the real answers were. Again, that reflects someone without either core conservative principles or someone whose understanding of conservatism is shallow to nonexistent.

His website is also revealing. There are four basic legs of conservatism. These are one, fiscal; two, social; three, national defense; and four, constitutional. Parry's website covers only the fiscal side and even that coverage is marginal given his evident lack of understanding of economics. There is nothing about the other three.

Parry certainly doesn't embody the principles of conservatives or the Tea Party. I sure hope there are candidates in the First District who are alternatives to Parry. At this point, it would appear, almost anyone would do.

Col. Stan Gudmundson, USAF (Ret),