Some, not all, but some Christians scoff at, even hate, environmentalists. To the scoffers, it is pure arrogance to think that human activity could destroy creation.

But that doesn't square with what the Bible says.

Fifty years ago, when I was a devout, Bible-reading Baptist teenager, I read the Book of Revelations. As I recall, a wicked angel poured a vial of poison into the sea, killing the life therein. Another vial of poison was poured out over the land and the rivers. People were sickened and a third of all plant and animal life on earth died. There was a massive world-wide earthquake. And "God said, 'I will destroy those who destroy the earth.' "

Does this sound like God thinks humans are incapable of destroying the earth? Does this sound like God finds environmental destruction a trivial matter?

Could the Biblical vials of poison refer to our addiction to fossil fuels? Might the vials refer to the meltdowns at nuclear power plants like Fukushima? Maybe the Gulf oil spew? The Exxon Valdez? The trash gyres in the oceans? The toxic chemicals dumped into the rivers, the broken pipelines, the exploding rail cars, tar sands, mountain top removal and frac sand mining? Warming oceans? Changing climate?

In hydrofracturing - fracking - bedrock is shattered. Sand from our hills, millions of gallons of clean water per well and a soup of toxic chemicals are forced under enormous pressure into the rock to get at the oil and gas. This toxic soup, called slickwater, leaves the shattered rock slick and slippery, reducing friction and enhancing glide.

Has this caused quakes where there wouldn't have been quakes? Will this increase the magnitude of naturally occurring quakes? In our madness to frac everywhere, are we laying the groundwork for that Biblical worldwide earthquake?

Are we fossil fuel addicts the Bible's wicked angels?

Donna Buckbee,