As a resident of karst country, I know how easily our water supply for the future can be polluted. I am concerned that frac sand mining is trying to push into our area with only weak state regulations in place to protect our water. I was disappointed when Gov. Mark Dayton said he did not support a moratorium to study the environmental impacts of frac sand mining before we let it into our area.

The best time to gather data to set strong pollution standards is before frac sand demand rises, and the activity speeds up. Right now our legislature is considering Senate File 796, authored by Sen. Schmit of Redwing. This bill goes a long way towards protecting our water in southeast Minnesota. The bill requires that frac sand mining in southeast Minnesota be a mile from a sensitive stream, that you cannot mine for frac sand within 25 feet of the water table and that frac sand facilities can't use our limited groundwater. This bill gives some protections for our water supply in southeast Minnesota.

Without the moratorium we need strong standards now. Gov. Dayton needs to support this bill and getting these strong standards adopted. Call the Governor toll-free at 1-800-657-3717 and let him know how important this is to you and our region.

Harvey Benson,