To whom it may concern:

I would like to comment on Bonita Underbakke's letter to the editor on April 28. We have a right to be concerned about sand frac mining, especially in Fillmore County. All sand frac meetings the last two years have missed one important point: All the rules and regulations are not worth a dime if not enforced.

We have a rock strip mining operation in the middle of our farm. It has been in operation since the 1960s. We have had many issues with the quarry. The county has rules in place that is supposed to handle most of these issues. Many meetings with the quarry operators proved fruitless. We met with the commissioners in August 2011 about the issues, especially with water.

The zoning administrator reported to the commissioners that the berming of the quarry was completed. We disagreed and sent pictures to support our position. The county attorney then sent us a letter saying there was no basis for our complaint and closed the file on us. He never interviewed us. The county commissioners refuse to meet with us.

This is our story and we have books and documents with pictures to back up our statements. We feel that Fillmore County does not have the right people in place to handle these issues.

We had to hire an attorney and an engineer to fix some of the problems. We paid this expense out of our pocket.

Merwood Storhoff