To the editor:

I returned to Lanesboro a few weeks ago after being out of the country for three months. I found a note from Greg Davids with the golden Minnesota seal. He had been presented with a copy of the Freedom To Marry Act, which I had signed.

He wrote, "I am glad to hear from you and appreciate the opportunity to respond." He said he is doing his best to represent our district and preserve our state's values.

I would appreciate more attention to preserve our land and our health.

He stated he has always believed marriage is between a man and a woman and voted accordingly. The definition of belief is to feel sure without proof. His constituents spoke on the marriage act issue. But this issue is not about belief, it's about the constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens just as women and minorities have fought for these rights.

It's time Mr. Davids moved on and accepted and respected it.

I have called Mr. Davids twice with no response.

Where does the sanctity of marriage now stand with the high divorce rate, children's lives being torn apart? It's ironic that many unwanted children have been given love and shelter by gay couples.

His letter was signed, "As always, your friend." The definition of friend is a person you know well, like and a supporter.

Greg, you are not my friend. Please spend your time and the taxpayers' money on more pressing issues.

Mr. Davids, sending out graduation cards each year is a nice touch. Are the constituents also footing this cost?

Dona Conway,