Dear editor,

President Obama, hook up that pipeline.

For the past 10 years or more, the nation has looked for ways to develop our energy so that we would not be held hostage by foreign governments. In California they are paying almost three times as much per gallon of fuel as they were paying when you first took office.

On our farm we have a 1,000 gallon tank, one winter's supply. Four years ago it cost less than $2,000 to fill the tank, now it is over $4,000. All of us Middle Americans have to drive to work, farmers have to put in their crops, every business has a fuel charge on the shipments that come into their store, which is added to their customers' cost.

Now, you can't blame Bush anymore, this happened on your watch. You will try to blame "Big Oil," but they have the oil from Canada, waiting to ship to the refineries; the pollution control people, who still believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant; or the Secretary of State, your appointee, who had approved the plans almost 10 years ago?

You claim to be protecting the Middle Americans from those "rich people," but we all would be richer if you just hooked up the pipe and let the oil get to the people who need heating oil, gasoline, diesel to make their livelihood. At least another 20,000 would have jobs.

Sincerely yours,

Al Schumann,