The Obama administration took over $716 billion out of the Medicare fund and placed it in the Obama care bill. Now this is money that you and I have paid to guarantee that the fund would have the ability to pay the doctor bills when we needed them. This is no different than buying health insurance today from a private company.

The Obama administration was going to replace the $716 billion with a promise that they would make savings in Obama care, by delaying payments to doctors and other providers. In other words, a bum check.

If a private bank, investment broker or insurance company would do this, they would be thrown in jail. The doctor who treated you would have to pay his help, suppliers, his college costs, etc., without any money coming in the door. How is that for taking care of our medical needs?

On the TV ads they tell us the Republican program that guarantees those over 55 the same program that we have today, is going to cost the older individuals thousands of dollars. It's a lie! The proposal would continue their Medicare protection at the present level. For those younger they would have the opportunity to try a different approach, which would give them a better option.

Obama says that the private sector is doing fine but we find all kinds of businesses failing every day. This has been happening for as long as the U.S. has been in existence. When the bank has to foreclose they try to recover as much as they can by selling the business to someone else. That is when the Romneys, the Buffets, the Chinese, Italians and other Venture capitalists become involved.

Mr. Romney has been very successful in turning around some of these businesses. He has saved over 100,000 jobs in the United States. His success has made him a wealthy man. He has paid all his taxes and contributed a substantial sum to charity in the United States.

Yet the Obama lying machine is saying that Romney caused the problem. Just a few weeks ago a Chinese company purchased an airplane manufacturing company in Minnesota. An Italian company bought Chrysler. Other foreign companies are actively purchasing American companies. Guess where the jobs are going to be in the company's future? Even if they continue to manufacture here, the profits are going to be taxed and spent in their own country, not here to the U.S. treasury.

Mitt Romney is probably the best candidate to ever run for President of the United States. He has headed a huge company, had to meet the payrolls of a business. His personal life is exemplary, sullied only by the lies that the Obama campaign is putting forth.

Where are the discussions about the tremendous debt that Obama has placed upon our children, the attacks on our Christian churches, Obama care, the pollution control which dictates that carbon dioxide, which we exhale every day, is defined as a pollutant and so we can no longer use coal to generate our electricity, the unemployment level that is continuing, the problems with hooking up the oil lines from Canada?

These are all problems that are occurring on the Obama watch. They no longer can blame it on the Republicans, insurance companies, oil companies and everyone else. It is just good politics for them to try to change the subject and blame it on Romney.

Obama's mantra is "just give me four more years and trust me." When he was first elected we had a problem with China's reluctance to allow their currency to move with its true value. He had seven opportunities to pursue this and took no action until a proposal a few weeks ago.

How long would we have to wait until he would try again?

Al Schumann,