Letter to the editor:

The Republicans say that President Obama has been a failure. But he inherited a housing crisis; health crisis; failing bank business; Wall Street problems; a near-bankrupt domestic automobile industry; 2 wars, in which thousands of American military lives were lost, and thousands more physically and mentally injured; recession; and high unemployment.

But we must not forget the accomplishments of President Obama and his Administration. The housing industry has rebounded strongly; a new health insurance law passed, one that Congress, for decades, talked about but never accomplished; the solvent banks are doing well; legislation on welfare reform passed; the automobile and parts businesses are now thriving and countless jobs saved; we're out of Iraq and Bin Laden is no more, and we'll be out of Afghanistan in 2014; the recession has slowed and we're coming out the other side; and unemployment is dropping.

Now is not the time to undo and redo, it's the time to continue moving FORWARD.

Jerome Gunderson

Mabel, Minn.