Dear editor:

I see Timmy Walz has gotten on his warhorse again as he does every time he runs for reelection. He wants to give everyone the impression that he is a mighty fine patriot who is looking out for our military. There is a problem though. He's a Democrat and Democrats have lousy track records when it actually comes to supporting the military.

A recent poll of active duty and retired military personnel to include the Guard and Reserve support Romney (66 percent) over Obama (26 percent). It illustrates why Timmy's 24 years in the military is irrelevant.

What is relevant is that Tim is largely an Obama clone. We can't afford four more years of Obama and we can't afford two more years of Tim either.

Tim, please don't insult our military personnel by jumping on the warhorse again. Actually, you are on a war donkey. And a foundered one at that.

Col. Stan Gudmundson,

USAF (Ret.),