To the editor:

Stan Gudmundson had an article in the Fillmore County Journal and, in that article, he said that anybody that voted for Obama had a screw loose and I would interpret that to be that he meant we were crazy.

He offended the majority of the voters and the presidency itself. I assume he's got a short memory. The reason for our main problems stems from the Bush Administration.

I assume that President Bush was a nice guy and I respected him, but he had the wrong agenda. President Obama inherited a mess that few presidents before him have had to work with: a recession, our banking industry was in dire straits, the domestic automobile businesses were bankrupt, Wall Street was a mess, the housing industry was broken, our country had a high unemployment rate and we were fighting two wars.

Our President has already helped the banking industry to become solvent and the domestic automobile manufacturers are now solvent also. We have pulled out of one war and we will soon end the other in 2014. The housing industry is again gaining and the unemployment rate has dropped some, and it appears that more jobs will be available in the near future.

The tax cuts of the Bush Administration mostly favored the rich. Mitt Romney's tax return showed that he paid in only 14 percent of his net profits, while 90 percent of the rest of us were paying 30 percent, plus.

Nobody likes to pay taxes but we have to pay for the things that so many take for granted: schools, roads and highways, bridges, education for our children, fire protection, police protection, operation of our governmental bodies and the military to protect our country. These are a few things most take for granted.

Jerome Gunderson,