A big thank you to Donna Conway of Lanesboro for responding to Greg Davids regarding the Freedom to Marry Act.

I too received a note from Greg Davids saying he had been presented with a copy of the Freedom to Marry Act which I had signed. He wrote that he was doing his best to preserve our state's values. I wrote to Mr. Davids asking what he meant by preserving our values. (No answer.)

Whose values is he preserving? Our values are usually developed by our family, our church, our education and our community. It appears that Minnesotans did indeed vote their values when they voted to allow same-sex marriage.

Apparently, a majority of people in Minnesota have different values than Greg Davids. I was extremely proud to live in Minnesota when we voted for the Freedom to Marry Act.

Please Mr. Davids do not sign your letters "as always your friend." I find that disingenuous - just be my representative.

Kathie Haynes,