Qualities we look for in selecting a President – education.

A President should have some knowledge of law, economics (business and finance), science (the environment), history and geography (including an understanding of religious and cultural differences).

 We admire good character – wisdom, dedication, perseverance, courage, compassion, patience, religious faith accompanied by critical thinking and the ability to reason. It helps if he, or she, has a sense of humor, is articulate and has communication skills.

 We expect the President will assess accurately what is happening at home and abroad, have a vision, have a goal for what we can achieve in the future and possess a strategy on how to get there.

We admire a President who has family values, will promote peace in the world and will “keep us safe” pursuing justice, fair trade in our country and in the world. We expect a President who is devoted to serving the public, who is not driven by ego, the lust for power and the accumulation of wealth.

 At this time, we have a President who has these qualities.

As he has pointed out, he “can’t do the job without help.” Americans have failed to give the President the support he needs to accelerate our economy.

If President Lincoln had this congress, the Civil War might have left the country divided. If F.D.R had this congress, we would all be speaking German. If Teddy Roosevelt and F.D.R had this congress, we would not have invested in infrastructure and established public parks and conservation measures. Eisenhower could not have built the federal highway system. We would not have Social Security and Medicare. We would not have gone to the moon.

If, in the coming elections, we continue to put in office those who believe nothing is possible, we cannot expect to move the country forward and create jobs.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Nyenhuis