Dear editor:

I cannot support the proposed "Official Mapping of the Root River Park expansion," This issue affects every one of us that cherishes our property rights. My farm borders the Root River County Park. It has been farmed by my husband's parents, my late husband and now my son, the third generation, and the land provides support for all our families.

We were astonished that a mere "stroke of a pen" by our (Olmsted) County commissioners began a process which potentially would confiscate our property by utilizing eminent domain. We also have a feedlot permit (regulation) and this "forced removal" of property from us would decrease acreage which, in turn, would decrease farm animal feedlot income.

All across America, family farms are diminishing and I believe we should be standing firm, to do everything to protect the small farmer. This issue could affect every one of you that have worked hard for your property because NO ONE should have the right to confiscate your property which represents years of YOUR hard work and effort.

Although I am an avid supporter of parks, I cannot understand the concept of potentially stealing other people's property without consent, especially when Olmsted County has reservoirs and land that can be developed into parks.

Minnesota has several beautiful parks like Forestville and Zumbro Bottoms. More information about this issue can be found at

Thank you!


Debra Kaldenberg,