Letter to editor:

A few years back, Lisa Brainard, a talented journalist for the Preston and Lanesboro Republican-Leader and the area's Bluff Country Reader newspapers, appeared on a Saturday morning at the Lenora Fellowship House to begin a story on the renovation efforts that were getting underway to create a usable meeting place for Lenora Church and its related activities and events. Her journalistic talents helped us get the work at Lenora into the public arena. Lisa wrote with conviction, flair and enthusiasm.

As time marched on, Lisa experienced a very serious accident in a fall from a bridge in Fillmore County into a shallow riverbed. She suffered critical and potentially life-threatening injuries. During her time in the hospital, she also experienced a stroke that added to her medical and health troubles.

Lisa's hospitalization and subsequent healing, recovery and rehabilitation have been long and involved. However, she has come a long way and is making remarkable progress. Much of her progress has to do with her winning spirit, positive outlook and strong sense of determination. Lisa is a remarkable woman who is an inspiration in many ways to many people!

The Lenora Pioneer Church Association expresses profound appreciation to Lisa for all of her journalistic work and for the positive and uplifting impact she has on the lives of many people. Lisa is a generous, caring and compassionate individual who demonstrates a positive and winning spirit by the ways she reaches out to others.

The people who care for the old church at Lenora extend their hands of friendship to say "thank you" to Lisa for all of her support over the years and perhaps most importantly, to encourage the readers of this newspaper to consider ways to be supportive of Lisa Brainard at this point in her healing and recovery. It is so good to read her articles once again in the Bluff Country Reader! A benefit fund for Lisa has been established at the F & M Bank in both Preston and Chatfield.

The Lenora Pioneer Church Association is very grateful for Lisa's help in getting the word out about our work and ministry. We join with many other people in affirming Lisa in her positive and winning spirit and wish her well on her continued road to recovery as well as keeping her in our prayers.

We encourage people to find ways to help Lisa in her time of need as we come into this time of Thanksgiving. We give thanks to God for the many, many blessings of living life to its fullest each and every day, all to the glory of God!


The Lenora Pioneer Church Association

John Goutcher, Lay Servant

Mark Woodward, Pastor