We are one nation, of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.

Economist Thomas Piketty's best selling book, "Capital in the 21st Century," along with Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis and many other studies, explains how extreme economic inequality is here and getting worse.

The Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices have twice recently given huge new political powers to the wealthy. The Republican Party's overwhelming concern is to endlessly cut taxes and regulations for the wealthy and big business.

Gordon Lafer, of the University of Oregon, found that wherever Republicans had the power throughout the U.S., they passed legislation to roll back worker's rights. Yes, Republicans are waging class war on America's workers.

But, did you know that U.S. taxes are lower than all other Organization for Economic Development nations except Mexico and Chile? Did you know that when all taxes, federal, state and local, are added up, the poor pay almost the same share of taxes on their incomes as the nation's wealthiest citizens? Did you know that the "effective" tax rate for top earners was 70 percent in 1954? Today the "effective" top rate for earners is about 30 percent. Did you know that Senate Republicans just killed legislation to raise our nation's pathetically low minimum wage by once again using the filibuster to stop the bill, not only of the majority in the Senate, but also of the majority of the American people? Did you know that the Senate Republicans recently killed legislation to restore benefit cuts to our veterans?

Did you know that 21 of the 29 Republican governors have refused the practically free money to expand Medicaid in their states? This will mean the early deaths of thousands of their poor citizens.

Now, I do understand that the Republicans do not care about the poor, but killing them off is a bit harsh, it seems to me.

Also, to look at it from a more Republican point of view, they say they care about job creation, but they are turning down a lot of health-care jobs that would have been created.

The right-wing media, along with billionaires such as Charles and David Koch and their Astroturf funded "Tea Party Patriots," assert great pressure on Republicans by showing up en mass at primary elections. Their goal of small government ultimately means less help for the poorest half of Americans, such as less money for education, health care, food security, fuel assistance, and on and on.

It means cut backs in services so that when help is needed, there are not enough workers to accomplish timely help, leading to more frustration with "the government." It means less money spent on government funded research which has been one of the main reasons that our nation has helped lead the way in the world. It also means greater "freedom" for the wealthy to cheat, pollute, poison, and generally take advantage of both people and the environment.

So, are we reverting to a new era of lords and ladies, and a vast rabble of serfs and servants? Yes, however, in our gun-filled nation, I believe we will increasingly see angry people with guns acting out their rage, but, dear reader, do have a pleasant day.

Greg Rendahl,