The massive devastation caused by the tornadoes in Oklahoma has us all reeling. Remarkably, many of the people whose homes are reduced to a pile of sticks have emerged saying they are grateful to be alive. When all the things of this world are swept away, what saves us is the human spirit: a light that is not extinguished by the onslaught of natural forces.

"Love" is invisible. We can't hold it in our hands. It can't be measured or weighed. Yet it provides the energy that sustains us. "Truth" can't be measured or weighed. The Life force itself is contained in all things. But what is the source of life? of love? of truth? There is no empirical evidence that there is a God. There is no empirical evidence that there is not a God. We are given a tool kit, which includes faith, reason and creativity.

We can understand, to some extent, war and mass murder. The freedom to choose between good and evil is basic to being human. Without choice we would be robots. With all due respect to global warming and climate change, we are not responsible for natures disasters. Many people see these as a test, a challenge, and become stronger in their wake.

My father, who had once studied to be a minister, told me that God does not will suffering on the human race but without struggle and pain we couldn't grow in wisdom. That while human perception is temporal, God looks to what is eternal.

While I don't see this as an answer, it's true, without evil we wouldn't understand good, without darkness we couldn't appreciate light, without cold we wouldn't know the warmth of fire or the sun. Out of turmoil, the triumph of the human spirit survives.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Nyenhuis,