Same sex marriage is illegal in the state of Minnesota and will remain so regardless of the outcome of the election. "The Marriage Amendment" is NOT about making same-sex marriage legal or illegal - same-sex marriage will still be illegal on Nov. 7. Also, the state constitution currently contains no language in regards to marriage.

We are voting on altering the state's constitution. If you vote no, the constitution will remain exactly as it stands today. If you vote yes, the constitution will be re-written to include a statement prohibiting any future possibility for marriage equality. If this amendment passes, we will add language discriminating against a segment of the population and close the door for any conversations on this issue for future generations.

I clarify these points because, as a volunteer for Minnesotans United for All Families, it has become clear in my conversations that many people are confused by this proposed amendment change.

Before you vote, please make sure you know what this amendment means. Leave the constitution of this great state alone. Join me - vote no.

Adrienne Sweeney,