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Monday, October 13, 2014 9:07 AM
Members of my family met for an afternoon in Story City, Iowa, recently to celebrate my parents’ golden wedding anniversary.
  • Members of my family met for an afternoon in Story City, Iowa, recently to celebrate my parents’ golden wedding anniversary. 
  • People in large cities or on the coasts sometimes call our middle portion of the United States “fly-over country.”

  • I spent a few months in a hospital as a youngster. Someone gave me a Tweety Bird figure. I’m sad that I don’t remember who gave it to me. It was my favorite toy while I was hospitalized.

  • Children can go on an alphabet safari

    There’s something very important that you can’t find, even though you’ve searched everywhere — beneath your bed, inside your closet, in your car seat, behind the sofa. It’s not in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the car. You don’t know what to do.

  • At first, when we were working on the place we just sold, we camped out in the campground in town because there was a bathroom and shower. After we got running water in the house, we camped on the lawn next to the house, and eventually we were able to camp inside.

  • Indulge me as I vent about my “purr-fect” babies and their not-so-perfect behavior. I’m not sure what’s gotten into Alice and Jasper lately, but they’ve surely been more mischievous lately and the evidence is quite apparent when one walks into my house.

  • In recent columns I’ve written about experiences I’ve had this late summer and early fall that have been revitalizing.

  • People pierce all kinds of body parts and that’s OK. They own them. Growing up, I knew men who’d had body piercing done. None of it intentionally. I've never wanted to have body piercings. I have enough holes to go around.

  • I purchased an electric skillet to use for cooking samples in at the farmers market. I was amazed to discover that, unplugged, it can be tucked in the dishwasher for cleaning.

  • New Lorna Landvik novel  improves as the pages turn

    Nothing’s going right. You’re frustrated, out of patience, options and energy. The camel’s back is broken. You’re about done.

  • It’s likely that many Bluff Country area “transplants” have had a similar experience. They spend some time exploring a beautiful part of Minnesota and, at some point, have an “aha” when they get the idea of actually moving here.

  • I was recently sitting in on a meeting when the topic of customer service came up.

  • Over the course of the last several years, I have been on a mission to follow my dreams and make significant improvements in my life.

  • My friend Barb Schramm recently delivered on her promise to take me to South Dakota. It was a promise made, I believe, to give me hopes of pulling through my ordeal alive. She knew, as many of you do, that I love visiting South Dakota.

  • Minnesota drivers face a one-in-88 chance of hitting a deer on the state’s highways this year, according to a report by State Farm.

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