Sometimes all I need for my daily entertainment is to just sit back and watch our two dogs interact. Often times bearing witness to these interactions is enough to make me laugh out loud.

This was the case last weekend when Pugsley and Maizy were playing a game of Hide and Go Seek, even though I don't think they realized they were playing it together. According to Maizy's tactics, the game should be called Hide and Go Eat.

Now, rest assured that this game requires a dog to be stealthy, sneaky and, overall, greedy. Right up Maizy's alley! Let the games begin!

After giving them both a rawhide stick (with meat in the middle, of course!) we all settled in to watch a movie. I not only have to watch the movie, but I try to keep an eye on Pugsley because she often likes to sneak off and hide her rawhide (most times in our bed or laundry basket).

Pugsley started to pace, and pace, and pace some more. This is a telltale sign for me and it can always be interpreted to mean she is searching out the perfect hiding spot to leave her rawhide treasure. Multiple attempts took place with her trotting to the stairs, only to retreat when I yelled out her name in my signature drawn-out, stern voice that signals to her not to proceed up the steps.

After being thwarted in her stair climbing attempts, she decided to pursue other options downstairs for stashing the stick.

Both my husband and I watched her as she desperately searched for a suitable place, finally settling on our pile of folded lounging blankets in the corner. She took her time digging, snorting the whole time, and burying the treat with the tip of her nose. She then patted it down under the blankets with her paws for good measure. Unbeknownst to Pugsley, little beady eyes of another had followed her the whole time.

Satisfied, Pugsley retreated to her dog bed out of view to relax. Enter the one with the beady eyes. After watching her retreat, Maizy trotted over to the blankets and searched as quickly as she could, burrowing under the blankets to claim the prize.

After stealing it, she jumped up on my lap and proceeded to eat Pugsley's treat, even though her identical one had been left untouched on the carpet.

A few minutes later, Pugsley must have decided it was time to eat and sauntered back over to uncover her loot. It took her a matter of seconds of nosing through the blankets to realize it was gone.

Pugsley looked up quickly and proceeded to pace around the downstairs area whining. So, I did what any dog owner would do - I gave Pugsley the non-occupied rawhide and prayed that she would just settle down and eat the darn thing instead of starting the game all over again. Believe me, Maizy was itching for round two.

Luckily Pugsley wasn't up for the next round. She didn't want to play Maizy's games.

In fact, Pugsley probably figured she better seize the moment and eat the treat right away, because a stealthy little pup would be waiting in the wings to rob her of her chance.