As I write this column, it is Halloween. Even though your eyes won't grace this page until Nov. 5, well after the holiday, I decided to share with you some of my reasons why I love Oct. 31 so much.

I like this spooky holiday because it brings back a lot of memories of the time I was little enough to don a costume and beg strangers for candy, going door-to-door. It is a time of great nostalgia for me.

The main reason I like Halloween is, obviously, the candy. I will admit that I am a huge fan of candy corn and I like to tell myself that because it is named after a vegetable (well, partially), it can't be that bad for me - right?!

The second reason is because I am a fan of scary movies. Not that I need an excuse to settle in for an evening with a haunting thriller, but Halloween provides me with an excuse to indulge in even more of the movies I love. If I am lucky, I can even catch a few "oldies but goodies" on cable that used to scare the living daylights out of me as a youth.

These old favorites aren't so scary anymore - namely "Night of the Living Dead" (in black and white), "The Exorcist" and "Pet Sematary." Oftentimes I now find myself chuckling at certain parts during these horror flicks, when I used to crouch in fright behind the couch during the very same parts, only two decades earlier.

The third reason is because I like to dress up - this was especially so as a child. Who doesn't like putting on a costume and getting to be someone or something else for the day? Some of my favorite childhood costumes - a few homemade - were a ghost (thanks to Mom's old sheet), a kitty cat (passed down from my sister to me), a "couch potato," and a pumpkin, complete with stuffing to give a rounded appearance.

Nowadays, if I don't dress up to celebrate the holiday, I like to subject Maizy to this torment. She is going to get off easy this year, with just a cute jester-like festive collar. That should make her happy.

The final reason why I like Halloween is because it gives people a reason to pull a prank or two to "try" to scare others. This is a favorite pastime of mine. I used to love using the element of surprise to startle family members.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my reasons to love Halloween, and for reasons of your own, I hope you all enjoyed the holiday. I am sure I will be enjoying it tonight with some candy, a scary movie and, if I am lucky, a scare or two!