Yes, the headline on this column IS the same as last week. As I sit and write, I am in a turkey and pumpkin pie euphoria, having enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving Day with my parents.

Even though it was just going to be the three of us, my mother decided to cook the traditional Thanksgiving feast anyway. Instead of the whole turkey, however, a small turkey breast provided more than enough meat for us to enjoy at the meal and to use in sandwiches, soups and casseroles for the next few days.

As I peeled the potatoes, I did the normal amount for our family gatherings so we had way too many considering my brother wasn't there to consume his usual portion. He is the first one to joke about the amount of mashed potatoes he consumes and we are all aware of his desired preparation - a mound of potatoes smoothed out over the surface of a plate, smothered in butter and then adorned with copious amounts of salt and pepper. I actually missed that tradition at our Thanksgiving table this year, but had just witnessed it a few days before as we had gathered to celebrate my nephew's sixth birthday combined with a turkey and ham dinner with all the fixings at my brother's home in Mankato.

After our meal, Mom and I enjoyed sitting on their deck with our books, enjoying the mild day until the wind changed and the chill forced us inside. As we started a movie in the living room, Dad was working on a project in the shop.

When he returned to the house, we enjoyed our postponed dessert of pumpkin pie as our early supper and I left to go home shortly after that.

As I drove home, I expressed my gratitude for the blessings in my life and asked that all those I love were as blessed as I am.

I thought of all the shoppers going out to gather those early-bird deals, but I was happy to be going home to a warm house, ready to finish my book in my rocking chair. I was more than satisfied with a very enjoyable and love-filled day.