Recently, Harmony hosted its annual fall city-wide garage sales and many individuals were able to discover treasures among the tables set up throughout the community. I hope some of those treasures came from my garage sale as I down-sized my fabric collection as well as books and glassware, tea pots and other craft items. I know I found my own treasures in a box of books at another garage sale in town.

As I was skimming the titles of the books, not looking for anything specific, my eyes stopped at a book, "Susannah" by Candice Ransom, a paperback I once had as a teenager. I took it out of the box and was immediately reminded that it was one of my favorite books as a young woman. I had several of these "Sunfire" young adult romances that were set in our nation's history.

"Susannah" is the story about a young woman who is growing up in the south during the Civil War. Her brother and her beau are sent to fight for the Confederacy and she is left at home to help her family survive the struggles they face with food shortages and frequent invasions by the Union Army. It is during one of these invasions that she becomes attracted to a Union soldier and the love triangle develops.

I don't remember much beyond that, but I did purchase the book and look forward to rereading it and then sharing it with my own nieces.

There were several other "Sunfire" romances in the box and I selected another, "Caroline" by Willo Davis Roberts, which I also had in my collection as a teen. I don't remember this particular storyline, but I remembered the cover and knew that it too was one of my favorites.

These were the only two titles in the box that were familiar to me, and to be honest, I might actually find them still on the book shelves in my bedroom in my parents' home. However, I picked up seven others that were new to me, all by various authors. They included "Margaret," "Josie," "Diana," "Rachel," "Emily," "Marilee" and "Laura."

Each is about a young woman finding her way in life, overcoming challenges and finding love during a specific period of time in history.

I know the storylines are a bit redundant as there are usually two possible romantic interests and the young woman is always strong and confident, a sure role model for our young women today.

I am excited to take a quick, nostalgic journey into some of these young adult romances from my teen years. It's always fun to find a treasure you aren't expecting.