One of the main duties I have as an aunt is to spoil my six nieces and nephews. I take that job very seriously. As Christmas approaches, with wish lists in hand, I've been scouring websites and stores searching for the perfect gifts to give this year.

Because I am not the only one destined to spoil them, it has become increasingly hard to buy presents for them. When they were younger, I always bought them a book as well as a toy, but now as they have grown older, that is no longer an acceptable plan for anyone other than six-year-old Joshua.

My niece, Katelyn, will graduate from college in a few short weeks. I have her graduation present and her Christmas present to buy, but considering the fact she is soon to go out into the world and have her own place to live, the options are endless. Plus, I have traditionally purchased a DVD set of episodes of her favorite television series and I have one more of those to give her this year.

The two Good boys are my biggest challenges. They are too old for toys and I can't afford the kind of "toys" they want now - like guns and four-wheelers and sophisticated video games! But, they each gave me a few ideas and I've been able to find some affordable options I think they'll be OK with. Timothy is easier, too, because I know I can get by with an iTunes gift card and he will be happy. However, I do like to buy gifts that are a bit more personal than that.

My niece, Allison, is at a fun age too. She's into sparkle and fashion and books and music. The most difficult thing is that my idea of what is in style may not necessarily be the same as hers! I have a few options to follow up on for her, so think she will be happy with what I've found for her.

Allison also celebrates her birthday on Dec. 25, so she gets double the presents, which means putting extra brain power to her gift list. I try not to combine her birthday and Christmas gift, even though that might be easier in the long run. Each occasion should be celebrated differently and for Allison's sake, we've all been good about making sure we take time out of the holiday celebrations to have a birthday party just for her. Another no-no is wrapping birthday presents with Christmas wrapping. That's definitely taboo!

Tori, my Good niece, (yes, I have lots of fun with that last name!) had fifth grade workbooks on her wish list as well as several other titles for young readers. She knows how to get on my good side for sure! I did buy her a small craft set, but her gifts will be fun and educational as well.

Joshua is easy to please as long as you follow an Avenger, Lego, Transformers, Army or Cars theme! I hit the jackpot a few weeks ago when I gave him a Lego Batman and a Lego Ironman. He was very pleased. Therefore, I plan on continuing that momentum and try to find additional superheroes to add to the collection.

After the joy of seeing my nieces and nephews open their gifts and seeing their smiles, the next best thing about buying gifts is the time I get to spend wrapping them. I love wrapping paper and ribbons. I love making the perfect combination that will result in a pretty package.

I only have a small pile of gifts purchased at this time, but hope to dig out the paper and ribbons this weekend and get started. Hmmmm . . . my fingers get tingly just thinking about it.

I love so much about Christmas, but spoiling "my kiddoes" is just one part of a love-filled holiday.