All around the world, the present moment is filled with so many miracles. If you are attentive, you will see it. If you are willing, you will help create it. Let's take a moment to appreciate all the beautiful things that are happening around us. Right now, at this exact moment...

• A newborn infant just took her first breath.

• Someone is driving their car with the windows down, singing their favorite song at the top of their lungs.

• Someone just handed a homeless person a five dollar bill so he could eat his first meal of the day.

• Two teenage romantics just received their first kiss from each other.

• Someone just shared a smile with a complete stranger who is having their worst day ever.

• A good Samaritan is pulled over to the side of the road assisting a stranger who's having car trouble.

• A great-grandmother is watching baseball with her great-grandson.

• Responsible designated drivers are getting their friends home safely.

• A high school teacher is contributing her time, her encouragement and a listening ear to help one of her students realize his passion in life.

• Two coworkers are cracking each other up and laughing so hard they aren't even making any noise.

• A husband and wife who have been drowning in debt for the past 10 years, just made their last payment to have a zero credit balance.

• Someone who has battled obesity all their life is looking down at the scale, smiling.

• A long-term alcoholic is celebrating one full-year of sobriety.

• Two best friends are hugging each other after months of being apart.

• Someone is donating their bone marrow to save their sibling's life

• Volunteers around the world, are donating their time, their money and their resources to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

• An inventor is trying to get funding for his idea that will change the world.

• Someone who was told he would never walk again, is taking his first steps.

• Several teenagers are passing their driving tests.

• An active duty soldier received love letters from his wife and kids.

• A group of doctors are making significant progress in finding a cure for cancer.

• Someone is witnessing a beautiful sunrise, while someone is experiencing their last sunset.

• Someone is reading this article with a smile and a new appreciation for all the beauty that is occurring all around the world at this very moment.

Life is so much bigger than where we are. Don't get blindsided by all the downers in life. There truly is beauty in all imaginable directions. Now that you can see it, go out and create it!

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