I am not a lover of snow. I prefer to be inside enjoying the beauty of the season - gazing out the window with a mug of hot cocoa in hand - and not out and about in the chilly fluff.

Our dogs have a different feeling about snow, however. It always seems that the first accumulation of the season is so much fun for them. They remind me of little kids - all happy and excited to bound out the door through the white layers.

On Dec. 9, when we got our first snow of the season, the dogs seemed to want to go outside more than normal - every two hours or so they would whine at the door just to go out to romp around.

Maizy enjoyed blazing new trails and running around, leaving tiny tracks through the snow. During the afternoon she was out there clowning around and, after letting Pugsley in, I decided to let her have her fun because she refused to come inside.

Poor Maizy. It was likely 15 minutes later that I remembered she was still outside. I opened the door to a shivering little pup waiting to be ushered in. Luckily, she has a thick full coat of fur so she didn't appear to be too worse for the wear. In fact she pranced around the house playing for a few minutes before she settled down. Even though she was OK, I still felt a tinge of guilt at forgetting about her.

She will have to learn. If she wants to be an outdoor adventurer in wintertime she better scratch at the door to come in or bark to get my attention - like a normal dog.

It sure did make me smile to see her having so much fun outside in the snow. It reminded me of when she was a tiny little puppy, weighing about 4 pounds. I would take her on the necessary trips out in the snow. Luckily she has black markings on her, or I could have lost the tiny little thing. She liked to bound from footprint to footprint to avoid falling in the deeper snow.

I'll never forget how cute she looked when she fell in a drift of snow and sank to the bottom unexpectedly. As I bent over, she gazed up at me from the depths of the fluffy snow - still a happy little pup. Even though that first snow experience was likely a little scary to her, she was an adventurer at heart even then.

We shall see if the dogs keep up their enthusiasm for the new ground coating - or like me, tire of it in a week.