As I have stated before, Christmas is my favorite holiday season. So, you can imagine how I feel now that the holiday has passed and I have reached the conclusion that it went by way too fast.

On Christmas Day, we packed up our vehicle with food, presents and Maizy - yes, she was allowed to go along because she was an extra good dog this year, receiving only one lump of coal in her stocking instead of two - and headed for my parents' near Decorah. We were planning on being there for the better share of the day, which was a good idea, because I have no idea where the day went! It flew by!

Between helping with the cooking, setting up trays of treats and the table, and helping with cleanup, I felt there wasn't much time to sit down and catch up with everyone like I wanted to. I am sure my parents, the hosts, felt the same way too!

Dinner was nice, as it always is, with all of our holiday favorites on the table. We ended up having enough food leftover to likely feed 20 more people plus, two more Maizys, who provided me with some comic relief.

That little dog is so motivated by food and it couldn't be more evident than at big holiday meals. There were other dogs in the house - another visiting pup and the two live-ins - and they could really care less about the food smells around them, preferring to hang out on the living room floor or on a comfy lap.

Then there was Maizy. She could always be found hanging out in the kitchen where all the action was. If there was a tray of treats being set up, Maizy had to be present. If there was a hunk of meat being carved, you can bet Maizy was there, and likely glad she was when the occasional nibble of meat accidentally hit the floor. If there was a pan being scraped of its contents into a bowl for the table, yep, she was there. She has the ability of omnipresence, that little dog. Needless to say, she is on a diet now.

During the meal, she ran under the table and found the legs of her two owners and sat beside us near the chair legs, looking pitiful. We ignored her - OK, for the most part I tried to - and her begging techniques.

All in all, during the holidays we had great celebrations with our families spent with good food and even better company. At my parents', thanks to Maizy's stealthy moves, she can surely testify to the former.