Maizy sure pulled a good one last week but I didn't let her get the best of me.

Mornings before work can be a busy time, because not only do I have to get ready for work, but there are often household chores that I want to check off my list as well before dashing out the door.

There I was last week, going about my business and thinking I had it made because I could leave the house with time to spare to get to work on time. Since I had this extra time, I decided to give the dogs one more reprieve and let them outside before they would spend a long day inside.

They were only outside for about five minutes when Maizy must have decided I needed to suffer a little - she wouldn't dare let the morning go smoothly for me. What she did is something I'm sure that dogs have been doing since their creation. She sought out the foulest smelling substance and decided to roll in it. I wasn't even sure what it was but she was covered head to paws in dirt (also mixed with the foul substance that I would prefer to remain clueless about).

Secretly, I think Maizy pulled this stunt in hopes of getting me to stay home longer with her. She hates when I walk out the door every morning and sure makes it known. As much as she dislikes baths, one would think she would have known better than to play that card.

So there I was, borderline late for work and I had no choice but to give her a quick bath - yes, in my work clothes - before heading out. I wasn't about to let her sit in her kennel smelling rancid all day even though it may have taught her a lesson. Surely my house and nose would have suffered more than Maizy that day.

Luckily I was able to get her squeaky clean in under a few minutes. She seemed appreciative in the end but maybe a little let down that her plan had been thwarted.

I was mad at her that morning because of her shenanigans but really, she is a dog, and that is what dogs do, so I couldn't hold a grudge against her for too long.

My only hope, for my nose and stomach's sake, is that's the last time she pulls that trick for a long, long, long time.