Often times we get so busy making commitments to everybody else in our lives that we tend to lose ourselves along the way. It seems like our friends, family and careers are so demanding of our time and energy, we barely have time to fulfill our own commitments that contribute to our self-worth and wellbeing. It's important to make these promises to yourself and keep them.

Appreciate yourself for who you are and accept yourself for who you are not. The only way to create self-worth is to think that you are worthy. So be confident. Everybody has strengths and everybody has weaknesses. Your qualities make you different from everybody else on the planet. Instead of wasting your time trying to be something that you're not, focus on your strengths and become the best version of you.

Appreciate others the way they are, and not for who you want them to be. People are not meant to fit into a mold. And everybody deserves to experience life on their own terms. When you love people for who they are, you bring out the best in them. So instead of judging people for their flaws, notice the qualities that make them special and unique. They will appreciate you so much more because of it.

Speak kindly to others. Just because you may be in a bad mood, doesn't mean you have to use bad words. Words can be damaging and you never know how they are being perceived. You can always change your mood, but you can never take back your words. So use your mind, before you use your mouth. And try to approach everyone with kindness.

Speak kindly and consciously to yourself. All day long, we speak silently to ourselves. Do you speak inspiring and comforting words to yourself, just as you would to a friend? Or do you shout belittling remarks you might say to your worst enemy? When you make negative assessments about yourself, you are compromising your faith. So be mindful of the messages you are sending to yourself. And speak to yourself as you would your best friend, because ultimately what we think, we become.

Appreciate the beauty and sweetness that surrounds you. Happiness is measured in the eye of the beholder. You may have friends and family that seem to have it all. And others may look at you, and feel the same way. There is always, always something to be thankful for and smile about. Somebody is always wishing they had something that you have, or dreaming about an experience that you've already experienced. You don't have to look very far to see all the greatness that surrounds you; sometimes you just need to open your eyes.

Always do what you think is right. What comes easy won't always last, and what will last, won't always come easy. Making the best choices aren't always the easiest ones. But in the end, you will have peace of mind knowing that you did the right thing. And when you make good decisions, you will have a positive outcome.

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