I've shared several stories about my cat, Beast, over the years. He's my beloved feline, but I'm not blind to the fact he is a strange cat. Having been abandoned as a kitten, I don't think he truly knows what it means to be a cat. I suspect he thinks he's human, like me, as I'm the only "mamma" he's ever known.

I always figured he was the most peculiar of cats, but I'm beginning to think my parents' cat could give him a run for his money.

Over the past week, my parents were out of town so I was given the responsibility of caring for their cat, Critter. She, too, was an orphan and was saved by my mother after she was found abandoned on my front step.

A beautiful, but weak, black and white kitten, I immediately wanted to adopt her into our family.

I didn't even get through the first night, however, as Beast yowled constantly and paced the floor for hours. He was definitely not comfortable with the additional animal in our home.

The next morning I also discovered Critter had a terrible injury on her neck which was infected and draining. Animal first aid is not my strong point and the sight of the open wound made my stomach churn so I immediately called 1-800-MOM to save the day.

Mom took Critter to the vet, got medicine and took over as caregiver. It was a long process, but the kitten became stronger and healthier and has now integrated herself into my parents' home.

It's been several years since Critter was saved and while she will interact with my parents, her social skills are terrible. She will tolerate being petted, but when she is sick of it, she turns on you and bites you.

I was holding her once, her ears bent back with her growling low in her throat each time I stroked her. All of a sudden, she hissed, bit me and bolted out of the room. That was the last time I saw her!

Last winter, when my parents were traveling, I went out to their house a couple of times a week to feed her. Over the three weeks they were gone, I never saw her. I only knew that she was alive by the fact that her food dish was empy and the litter box was being used.

This past week, my parents were gone for a few days, so I went out on Thursday evening to check on her and fill her food dish. I knew she would probably bolt as soon as she saw me, so I entered quietly to catch her before she went into hiding. I was unsuccessful and the only evidence I found that she was there was her empty bowl.

Deciding I had my own peculiar cat at home to deal with, I left her alone even though I thought I deserved a little bit of affection for feeding her.