I'm put into an odd position this week.

No, I didn't lose my balance walking around my apartment and end up in a pretzel on the floor, not quite sure how to get untwisted.

But I'm not quite sure how to approach my current situation, other than to send out a big "thanks," both for help in the past... and a preliminary "thanks" at this point for help to come in the future.

As you've likely seen in articles in our Bluff Country Newspaper Group publications, other media sources, posters and more, friends have put together a fundraiser for yours truly. The copy from the poster is seen here.

I am incredibly humbled by this whole experience following my accident last September and subsequent stroke while in the hospital. It's amazing to see the good in this world and how people want to help. Sometimes they're people you don't even know.

Some help I can readily recall... gift cards, gift certificates and money sent both by my co-workers at Bluff Country Newspaper Group and by our "rivals" at the Fillmore County Journal. A woman from Caledonia brightened my recovery days with continual deliveries of cheery flower bouquets. I received a prayer shawl from a local church and treats from a number of churches, along with placing me on their prayer lists. Meals have been made available at local restaurants. There have been donations of cash, food items and more from neighbors. Friends and community members have run errands, given rides, helped in my home...The list goes on and on.

Organization is not always a strong suit of mine. At that time I especially wasn't good at keeping track of who sent what or dropped something off. But I do want you to know that your thoughts, visits and gifts were greatly appreciated - more than I can express.

A good friend fronted costs on the recumbent trike that's been so vital to my rehabilitation. You've read about it here and seen what it means to my endurance, coordination, attitude, independence and more. Triking has helped so much.

Funds raised also will help with other expense needs. For example, I nearly started pulling hair out recently as a wheel of my wheelchair, which I use to sit at the table, caught a power cord and my laptop flew before crashing to the floor. That's a pretty discouraging sight and sound. And no, it doesn't work anymore. More on that in a future column.

I've always been very independent. Friends will tell you I hate asking for help. So I've learned a lot through all this - how to accept help and how to express my heartfelt thanks.

Thanks to all of you for being there throughout all this. I credit my continuing improvements to you all.