For those of you who may not know me personally, you probably do know I am a writer and photographer for this publication and the News-Record in the Harmony and Mabel area. So, you will likely not be surprised that I normally carry a small notebook, several pens and a small camera in my purse at all times. You just never know when a story is going to pop up or when I will be in a situation where a photo opportunity arises.

Because I do like to have a camera with me at all times, I invested in a small Nikon that is not much bigger than my cell phone and can easily be tucked into a side pocket in my purse. While I love using my large Nikon with its professional lenses I have for work, it is a bit cumbersome to carry around "just in case" something comes up.

I knew my new "point and shoot" needed to have a decent zoom, but I wasn't worried about quality photos because, honestly, even the most inexpensive cameras seem to take photos with a high enough resolution to not only print in the newspaper, but to do enlargements as well. Those of you who do know me personally will not be surprised by my final piece of criteria - it had to be pink!

I think we've established that I love to take pictures at any given opportunity, so imagine my dismay when I was with my niece and nephew recently and I pulled out my beautiful pink point and shoot and my nephew said, "You are not taking my picture with THAT!"

Apparently, pink cameras do not work on little boys. He was 100 percent positive about that.

Since I was staying with Joshua and Allison for the entire weekend I thought it was best to simply let it go and try again another time.

I did get a few candids from the weekend, but not nearly as many as I normally take and when browsing through those images, was a bit sad that some of our favorite activities went unrecorded.

Right now, the experiences we had together are fresh in my memory and I can smile by simply remembering the laughter and the fun we had. However, I know from experience that having photos to look at years from now would help complete a memory by the images we keep in our photo albums.

I have many photos in my collection that allow me to look back in my life and they surely do bring a smile to my face when they inspire a special memory with those I love. That is truly priceless.