Nobody knows what the future holds. Life is about dealing with uncertainty and making the best of it without worrying about what's going to happen next. This is why you must keep an open mind and keep pressing forward. Listen to your intuition and follow your passions. Things rarely turn out exactly the way we plan them to. But the possibilities in your life are infinite, which make all miracles possible.

Having discipline is the chief element to bringing ideas to life. Discipline gives you the self-control you need to do the things you have to do, whether you want to or not at any given moment. Remember why you are doing the things you chose to do in the first place. In the end, focused and persistent effort always brings great achievement.

Have patience with the thoughts and concerns that remain in your heart. The answers will reveal themselves when life knows you are ready to accept them. So don't hide from your fears. Face them head on so you can have an understanding of them and find peace to settle them. Overcoming obstacles brings new strength and wisdom for making better decisions with future endeavors.

Friends and acquaintances come and go, but good friends are hard to come by. They're the ones who are always there, either by your side or in spirit. They touch your heart and leave footprints in your thoughts. Always be willing to lend them a hand and let them lend one to you. Don't get so busy or tired that you neglect their existence. Put in the effort and hang on to them dearly.

The hearts and minds of others are always mysterious, dense forests, no matter how deep you venture into them. Even if you have known a person their entire life, it is impossible to know exactly what they are feeling. Everyone views the world differently. You will never know exactly how their mind is processing something.

You could invest every bit of your energy over the course of your entire life in an attempt to achieve this understanding, but in the end you will fall short. So never jump to conclusions and always allow others to experience life on their own terms.

When you are a good friend who listens, supports and loves openly without judgment, it is only then that you will get a momentary, unfiltered invitation to glimpse into their soul.

Everything you say, everything you do and every decision you make comes back to you. If you want to make friends, be friendly. If you want to be rich, be generous; if you want to be understood by others, take time to be understanding of them. And if you want to be heard, then listen. Life is what you make out of it. So if you want the world to change, start with the one in the mirror. What you give is eventually what you get. Whatever it is you hope to achieve in this life, give it, nurture it, be it, and you will enjoy a lifetime filled with it many times over.

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