Last Thursday evening, I was working on getting this issue of the newspaper to press and listening to the Fillmore Central and Mabel-Canton volleyball game on the radio. Deadlines are already a stressful time for newspaper editors, so when you add in the excitement of a pivitol volleyball game, my evening was quite exciting.

I keep hearing that our area has the strongest volleyball teams in the state and that statement was once again proven last Thursday night as the Falcons and Cougars matched up for the sub-section final. As the editor of the News-Record, which covers sports and news at both Fillmore Central and Mabel-Canton, I was cheering for both teams and wanted them both to win and continue their successful and exciting season.

Yes, I know enough about sports to know this was an unrealistic wish, but it was so hard to see one of these teams' season end so soon when both are ranked in the top of the state rankings.

I was very happy to listen as both teams seemed to be playing good games, keeping the matches close and Mabel-Canton claiming the first match of the game, making Fillmore Central fight back to win the next three. I could hear the cheers of the crowd in the background and the excitement in the announcer's voice, so I knew the players were doing their best.

As the announcer ran his play-by-play, I tried to visualize the players serving, blocking, digging and killing . . . kind of sounds appropriate for a Halloween night game, doesn't it.

There were times when I was staring at a newspaper page, trying to concentrate on the layout and the stories I was processing, but all I could do was listen as the girls passed the ball back and forth. In the first match, the score was tied 15 times as the teams battled to take control of the game.

This monumental match-up was everything it was expected to be - a great game between two of the greatest and most talented volleyball teams in our state. I hope each player is proud of her contributions that made that happen.

For Mabel-Canton, their season came to an end on Thursday night, but they had a terrific season and I hope each one of the players knows how much excitement and pride that has created in our small communities. They are such talented young women and we all have great respect for their abilities. I hope they focus on their season successes and not this one loss that unfortunately ended their season.

By the time this hits the mailboxes on Monday, Fillmore Central will have played their Saturday game against Bethlehem Academy in the section finals. The Falcons will either be advancing to the state tournament or feeling the same disappointment the Cougars experienced just a few days before.

I won't speculate or tempt fate by making a prediction. Instead, I'll just say it's been an exciting season and I hope it continues.