The sun is making all the difference in how my plants are growing. Suddenly the basil has plump, dark green leaves. For weeks after I had planted them they languished and the leaves turned a weird yellowish hue.

I've planted lots of basil, oh and lots of parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, stevia, lemon balm and mint. I have felt guilty harvesting because the plants weren't growing much - now they are off to the races!

Well, that's the race we always have in Minnesota - trying to get the most of our short growing season. I am excited that our patch of cherry tomatoes in the backyard are getting past transplant shock and starting to form blossoms. I can almost taste their sweetness already! I set their wire cages in place yesterday.

Tomatoes that enter the refrigerator have a taste that never equals these little yellow, orange and dark red globes fresh from the garden. They are kept outside the fridge while I eat them in a few days.

I had to water plants outside tonight after not needing to water hardly at all for weeks, because it always rained. Since summer is suddenly exploding, there is so much to get done outdoors that I find myself outside for hours, forgetting even to eat.

Knowing I wanted more sun for my plants in the front yard moat, my son, Tyrel, pruned the lower branches off the maple tree in my front yard. Well, I instructed and he cut - some were pretty big branches and he climbed the tree to cut. I will only cut from a ladder, my tree climbing days are done.

Truth be told, I feel like I can't quite catch up with the outdoors projects. I prune, I plant and I plan how to get more planted. When I am trying to fall asleep at night I remember what I still need to do.

Then I have a day like I had today, because attending the farmers market means the day starts early and ends late. I have lunch, and eight hours later I am finally home, having eaten nothing in-between. We unload plants from our vehicles, Logan finishes up his CSA delivery bags and once he leaves, I can eat...finally.

But I also needed to finish writing my column and what can I write about for a cooking column? I have hardly had time to eat, much less cook. I grab things on the run - a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple or banana.

Tonight, Logan finally harvested lettuce greens for the market and for his CSA customers and was astounded to package over 30 bags of greens. He'd thought he would have to harvest all he had at one garden, but quit halfway through.

It is astonishing to be harvesting such greens as they too had gone through a static time of little growth. Then, we had a hailstorm that shredded the leaves that were there.

So I was thinking a salad would be a good topic and that I'd write about all the ways one can dress up salad greens and make an entire meal out of them. But then again, that would really require a bit of work and even more thinking.

Then I thought of it. How about supper in a glass?

I had a package of blueberries in the fridge that I'd already rinsed. I had bananas, a carton of yogurt and milk. So I grabbed my blender, threw in a few ice cubes and cracked them in the blender.

Adding the rest of the ingredients I whirled them and dumped them in a glass. Ta da, I had a meal I could sip from a straw and use my fingers to type my column.

I'd solved three problems, what to eat, what to write about and how to have my fingers free for writing.

Actually, I started writing last night, but it got so late and I was so tired, that I quit writing.

We are looking forward to more time at the lake. Memorial Day weekend up there was lots of work with getting the dock and boat lift into the water. We finally had a boat ride, but it was chilly out on the lake. Fishermen were the only others out there.

The following weekend up, it was just my husband and I. He finished another of his tasks. Although it was cloudy here back home, we had sunshine up north, at least on Saturday. But Sunday it rained all day, so we left early and stopped on the way home for yet more plants.

At this point my husband inquired what my budget was for plants. I smiled broadly and said, "unlimited." (He was thinking this might be the case.)

On weekends at home, I work like crazy to get my planting and home tasks done, but I never seem to get it all done. The perennials I acquired weeks ago are still standing huddled together waiting to spread out where their new homes will be under the spruces in the backyard.

Sort of funny, I thought I needed a wagon to transport them to their new location, but then it took as long to put the wagon together as it might have to simply carry them to the backyard. (And I had to have help from Tyrel to ratchet the nuts in place.)

Another weekend up north will likely pass by before I finally pull them to their new home. I might take a few up north too since I have finished landscaping around the house there and now want to create the driveway entrance landscaping my husband requested.

He will be contributing to the unlimited landscaping budget that will include a few trees, some shrubs and lots and lots of perennials.

My raised veggie garden up north is finally growing after a very slow start. I have a couple cherry tomato plants to take up and by the time we arrive, there should also be plenty of greens for salads growing there too.

Perhaps I will get the salad column written next time.

Hey, kids like supper from a straw too! During the busy summer months, we need time to do things and cooking needs to be easy and fast.

Supper in a Glass

(Blueberry Smoothie)

1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

6 ounce container low fat blueberry yogurt

1/2 cup milk

1 banana

a few ice cubes

Put the ice cubes in a blender and crack into ice fragments. Add the blueberries, yogurt, milk, and banana cut into chunks. Blend together. Pour into a tall glass and sip your supper with a straw.