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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 9:12 AM

I was up before sunrise Saturday, getting ready for a run. This time, though, I wasn’t the one running, something I usually do on Saturday mornings. Instead, I was directing a race in Spring Valley held during the annual community celebration, Ag Days.

  • Golf is a funny game.  There’s really no gray area in golf.  One either loves the game and is consumed with it, or you don’t play it at all. With golf it’s either feast or famine, all or nothing.

  • Cousin, according to Webster’s dictionary, is a child of one’s uncle or aunt.  I suppose that is the official definition, but as a young boy, cousins to me meant fun, excitement, adventure and trouble.

  • I was up before sunrise Saturday, getting ready for a run. This time, though, I wasn’t the one running, something I usually do on Saturday mornings. Instead, I was directing a race in Spring Valley held during the annual community celebration, Ag Days.

  • While the title of my column this week might sound like that of a blues song, it's actually my observations of the last few weeks of summer, the advent of fall and what inevitably follows.

  • The resurgence of brash billionaire Donald Trump into presidential politics reminds me of a study I read about a couple years ago. The research found that being confident and loud is the best way to win an argument — even if you are wrong. 
  • I recently heard that lawmakers in a number of states are once again proposing that persons receiving unemployment benefits should be forced to take drug tests in order to get their money. This issue first came to light several years ago and appears to be surfacing once again, just in time for the next election cycle.

    I came across the following some time back, which shed a little more light on this increasingly controversial subject. I wonder if the 20-plus Republican and Democratic candidates running for the White House will touch on this.

  • A bison licked a few bugs off the grill of our car and then rocked us as he scratched his neck, moving the car back and forth as he relieved the itch on the hood of our car. It was a bit scary, especially for my wife who was worried the big horns would scratch her car, and exciting, especially for the grandchildren, ages 9 and 13, who were thrilled at the close encounter with the large beast.

  • This past Sunday the Root River Valley was alive with the thunderous rumble of motorcycles, the great majority of which were Harley-Davidsons. Many of the “bikers” were decked out in black leathers, long hair, beards and plenty of tattoos.

  • There’s been a lot of concern, expressed in this column more than once, about children not spending enough time in nature. Research has shown that a typical child spends 38 hours per week consuming media outside of school. Interviews with children up to age 9 revealed their attitudes toward natural elements, such as rain, wildflowers, birds and trees, showed fear, rather than appreciation, caring or enjoyment.

  • Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States in the mid-1800s, wasn’t an extremely strong president, according to historians, but no one is going to demand that Fillmore County change its name.

  • While much has been written and broadcasted about the positive aspects of the recent 5-4 Supreme Court vote allowing same-sex marriage, a letter to the editor penned by Nathan Davidson of Grand Meadow that appeared last week in the Bluff Country Reader put a different spin on this historic event. Being a “middle of the road” type person, I enjoyed reading Nathan’s perspective on this very controversial issue and feel this side needs to be addressed as well. 
  • Several years ago, a student approached me about starting a regular column featuring the poetry of high school students in one of our newspapers. She was a bit surprised I said yes, because her mother had warned her that she would probably be met with rejection.


    This Friday evening the planning, organizing, and fund-raising of many dedicated persons will come to fruition in Chatfield when the Relay For Life of Fillmore County takes place. As I write this column, a full 10 days before the nightlong event, nearly $100,000 has been raised by 295 persons, who make up 28 teams.


    A Confederate flag flown on the back of the Hartland Fire Department truck during a weekend parade in Albert Lea has sparked significant backlash against the display. The large Confederate flag and an equal sized American flag each dominated one side of the back of the truck during the Independence Day weekend parade held Friday.

  • Remembering our Fallen Veterans

    Good morning, and thank you to everyone joining us here today in remembrance and recognition of our fallen servicemen and women on this Memorial Day. I especially want to thank Commander James Loven and the Gilbertson-Rude American Legion Post 526 for inviting me to share my message with you today. 

Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair kicks off this week in St. Paul. Will you be attending the fair?


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