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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 8:54 AM
A friend of mine from Rochester questioned me the other day about the Fillmore County Relay for Life after reading about the event, asking how it was possible that this worthy cause raised more than $136,000. After all, Fillmore County doesn’t have a lot of population — there are just over 8,000 households — and it doesn’t have a lot of wealth — the median household income is well below the average in Minnesota.
  • It’s always interesting which columns generate conversation, at least conversation that makes it back to my ears. The feedback from last week’s column on the responsibility of the press was surprising.

  • Fall is definitely in the air this week and someone reminded me the important thing about that is it reminds us “you know what” will be here soon. It seems a good time to plan ahead for a productive winter, not waiting until we are wondering what to do next.

  • I’ve been in frequent conversations with our Minnesota Newspaper Association attorney over the past few months. He’s a nice guy and I always enjoy talking to him, but the multiple conversations aren’t social calls; they have been necessary due to the passion of our contributors to our opinion page.

  • Each time I go for a walk, I see something I’ve never seen before. A backyard is an exotic realm.

  • I just returned home from spending several days in South Dakota with my brother and his family. When they had returned from their family vacation last year, having visited the southwestern part of that state, I mentioned I had never been that far west nor had I had the opportunity to visit Mount Rushmore, see the Badlands or any other destination between here and there.

  • Factory closings or job transfers, such as what is happening with Rochester Medical in Stewartville, which is losing at least 60 jobs to Mexico in 2015, always make an impact. The grim news makes headlines and gets people talking about the decisions that have quite an effect on the local economy.

  • It’s unlikely that Ferguson, Mo., has a Shop With a Cop program. It’s not that this program alone would have prevented the violence that recently marred the community after the shooting of a black teen by a white police officer, but the absence of a program like this is revealing.

  • When I was a kid and growing up in a small town, hearing the fire sirens blaring was a big deal. That was before modern gadgets such as smart phones and pagers, so the siren was the only way to alert the volunteer firemen they needed to get to the fire department shed as soon as possible.

  • Ebola is a scary virus disease that prompts fear in people across the globe.

  • As summer winds down, you still might have a chance to take a vacation somewhere. Let me throw out an idea. Pay a visit to a national park.

  • For most Minnesotans, Tuesday, Aug. 12, was just an ordinary day. Only about one out of every 10 state residents was expected to take time to vote in the state’s primary election.

  • The Mayo Clinic is known far and wide for its excellence as a medical healthcare facility.

  • A local couple “eloped” last month. One was 83 and the other 89 years old. They didn’t submit a wedding announcement to our newspaper, so all the details aren’t available, but the event is of quite a bit of interest in the community. 
  • July proved to be a very busy month for the newspaper and for our staff. Every year I think our calendars will open up a bit in the summer, after the school year comes to a close and the last sports team finishes its season. However, each year I am reminded that our communities really come to life during these summer months. 
  • I sat in a busy waiting room. A TV played to either calm or aggravate the seated. It was showing what must have been some kind of home improvement show. A couple of people were painting the walls of a room. It was the opposite of riveting. I have often heard the expression "like watching paint dry" to describe an excruciatingly boring experience. Perhaps that was the name of the program. 
Fall season

What do you like best about the fall season?


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