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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 8:56 AM
I’m a faithful follower of the Rochester Post Bulletin, being a regular subscriber of the paper for all of the time I’ve been in the southeast Minnesota area: 1967-1975 (Kasson-Mantorville), 1988-1996 (Preston/Fillmore Central) and most recently, 1999-the present (Fountain). As most of you would probably guess, the first section of the paper that I grab is the sports section. Not to say that I don’t read the rest of the sections, but the sports department gets my first look.

  • Star Trek experience is more than entertainment
    A week or so ago I wrote in this diary about having missed two important dates this fall. The first was in September, the 50th anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek. The second reminded me of having missed the first: it was Space Week in October.
  • Natural wonders abound in Haines, Alaska
    I watched bald eagles feeding in November upon spawned-out chum salmon in an area outside Haines, Alaska, where a reservoir of warm water kept the Chilkat River from freezing. Each bald eagle eats around a pound of salmon each day. There were over 2,000 eagles counted. That’s a lot of salmon lunches.
  • Special days provide plenty of choices  for holiday shopping, giving, even hiking
    I’ve never been shopping on Black Friday. It’s not that I’m philosophically opposed to the frenzied day. It’s more a practical matter. Our small business can’t afford to take two holidays in a row for all our employees since we still have deadlines to meet and publications to print.
  • Embracing new career fulfills a longtime dream
    When I was a little girl, one of my favorite places to be was our Harmony library. I loved looking at the books lined up on the shelves and loved hearing the sound of a binding cracking as I opened the cover. Sometimes I simply held the book and flipped through the pages, not even attempting to read the words. I simply loved the image of black type on white pages.
  • Area athletes honored for fall accomplishments
    As president-elect Donald Trump is making the transition to the presidency, so must we make a transition, not for the presidency, but for the winter sports season. 
  • Arrival of fall impacts nature in spectacular way
    The gold had been lost. The yellow of the goldfinches had molted into an olive drab color.
  • School days quite different in 1858 and 1940s
    We have no idea when the pictured country school was built, but it surely was much older than me!  This is Center School, located a few miles north of Spring Valley on County 1 at the intersection where one turns to the right to go to Masonic Park or left on the gravel road “through the woods.”  My sister, Cynth, and I attended school here — me for four years, grades three through six.  We actually walked through the fields (a square mile is a section) from southwest to northeast, or took the road, County 8, to the path through the woods. Believe me, in those years, Lovers Lane was lined with sink holes, woods and brush, often impassable when spring’s accumulation of water filled the sink hole at the east end.
  • Star Trek 50th anniversary almost went unnoticed
    Somehow I missed it. It wasn’t until I saw an article in Army Times in its Oct. 3 issue that I realized the 50th anniversary of Star Trek had come and gone. When I started looking online about what had been done to celebrate, I found out the likely reason I had not known: one media writer had pointed that given the short history of most television shows, one that has lasted for 50 years is a big deal, but it had gone “relatively unnoticed.”
  • Resentment, not money, fueled voting
    More than half a million dollars in campaign spending didn’t do much to change the outcome of the District 28B race. On the other hand, a candidate who barely spent any time in Minnesota carried the district in the presidential election Tuesday, Nov. 8.
  • Cigars, cameras, windows  ‘connected’ to early Spring Valley
    This column continues with stories of early factories that produced some memorable products when Spring Valley was just “getting going.” Cigar factories?  About 1888 a gent named Harry Mortimer began a cigar factory but soon was bought out by Chas. Sattler who carried on the business. 
  • October busy with family events
    I spent several weekends with my Mankato family members this past month. I drove up on a Sunday to attend church and celebrate my brother’s birthday on Oct. 16. Then, the next weekend, I took advantage of the long MEA weekend and spent time with the kids while they were off school. I also attended a play in which my niece was performing and a performance by my sister-in-law’s father’s band. The following weekend, I rode with my parents when they went to Mankato to see the play and I got my second viewing of a fun and well-done production.
  • ‘Being a Dog’ is a book worth sniffing out
    Your walk around the block took longer this morning.
  • Many factories in the early years of Spring Valley
    We begin a series of columns from the files at the local historical society. The centennial of 1955 issues of the Tribune contained hundreds of bios, bits and pieces of Spring Valley history and this is just the start.
  • There are all sorts of reasons to celebrate bison
    As you may have realized in reading this column over the years, bison are a favorite wild animal of mine. I always enjoy seeing them, especially in national or other parks and refuges. And hiking carefully and thoughtfully in their territory – as I have with a group of hikers in Wind Cave and Badlands National Parks – is an experience that’s not soon forgotten.
  • Ghost stories cause readers to stew in their own fears
    Maybe that’s because the days are shorter and nights throw shadows. The wind blows a little differently. Newly-bare branches look like skeletal fingers and pumpkins guard the house next door, making things feel a bit unsettling. ‘Tis the season — or maybe, as in the new book “Ghostland” by Colin Dickey, history is to blame.
Black Friday

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