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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 9:20 AM

The emphasis at the Capitol this legislative session is Greater Minnesota. Legislators from both parties and Gov. Mark Dayton have all been voicing their commitment to rural Minnesota this session.

  • Vina Lund, an Ostrander resident who just celebrated her 105th birthday, was asked by a reporter during her birthday party to confirm a story her son told about her dancing with the notorious outlaw, Babyface Nelson, at the Sheep Shed in Wykoff.

  • Friends from Minnesota, Keith and Carol, arrived here in Thailand last week for a two-week visit. We’ve had a lot of fun showing them some of the places and things we enjoy. We also are learning ourselves in the process: it is a great experience to see a place with which we are fairly familiar through new eyes.

  • The butterfly effect — the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil setting off a tornado in Texas — is a term used in chaos theory to describe how tiny variations can have a significant impact on giant, complex systems, such as weather patterns.

  • In just two months, my niece will be walking down the aisle to meet her groom, saying vows that will solidify their love and departing a church as husband and wife.  
  • I spent another day at school last week as a volunteer to help in the classroom of my third grade granddaughter. It’s through a program called WatchDOGS — the DOGS stands for Dads, or in my case grandDads, Of Great Students.

  • Many people get the countries of Greenland and Iceland confused. Sitting, as they do, in the boonies northeast of northeastern Canada, we don’t hear about them very much. So can you tell me, off the top of your head, a characteristic of each? Ha, I thought as much.

  • When I told my grandson I was going to be gone for a couple days last week to attend the Minnesota Newspaper Association annual convention in the Twin Cities, he asked what I was going to do. I told him mostly go to workshops and sessions to learn.

  • I grew up in an Allis-Chalmers family. I was forbidden to date a girl from a family who owned even a single John Deere.

  • The emphasis at the Capitol this legislative session is Greater Minnesota. Legislators from both parties and Gov. Mark Dayton have all been voicing their commitment to rural Minnesota this session.

  • Something I thought was never possible has happened. I have been reading the sports pages in the daily newspaper. Well, I don’t read the whole sports section, but I have become interested in reading whatever the writers are saying about the Gopher women’s and men’s basketball teams.

  • Proponents and opponents have already lined up on the proposals by DFL state senators in Minnesota and President Barack Obama to make tuition free for community college education as long as students meet certain criteria, such as reaching a certain grade point average and staying in school for two years.

  • I finally gave up my old LG cell phone when it no longer kept a charge in the battery. It worked just fine as long as I was “plugged in” to the charger, but that kind of defeated the purpose of having a “mobile” phone. I had that phone for many years, resisting the urge to upgrade to a smart phone.

  • A woman next to me at a community meeting commented to the group of local residents assembled there that “no one reads newspapers anymore.” I think she was being funny, while trying to needle me a bit since we knew each other, but it could very well be she also believed it since there are a lot of experts asserting the death of newspapers.

  • I guess we typically have the much-welcomed tradeoff of brilliant, mood enhancing sunshine when it’s bitterly cold. If you can stay inside and sit by a warm window to soak it up, that’s great. If you’re outside dealing with it . . . well . . . not so much. But you know that.

  • Likely few people who have made purchases in Fillmore County since Jan. 1 noticed they paid a new tax that was added to their total bill. The reason this new tax escaped notice is because a $10 purchase added just a nickel in state sales tax to their bill.

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