Fillmore County Commissioner Marc Prestby brought up for discussion an increasing problem seen at rural recycling containers. He specifically referred to the center south of Spring Valley where he said the Waste Management company has had to remove many non-recyclables.

He stressed that if people do not stop bringing non-recyclables to these rural centers, the service will be removed and all recyclables would need to be brought into the Fillmore County Recovery Center in Preston.

Commissioner Tom Kaase simply stated, "It's illegal dumping."

Commissioner Chairman Randy Dahl mentioned the problem of non-compliance has continued to grow. He asked if there could be a way to find people who leave non-recyclables in order to fine them.

According to Kaase, the fine could be more than $750 and is at the least a misdemeanor offense.

Prestby said cities could minimize the number of their residents who violate the recycling rules by sending out notices in the utilities bills. Dahl mentioned that if the dumpsters got pulled, the honest people who use the recycling center would be punished.

The board agreed that it would still be necessary and that there would be more oversight at the Fillmore County Resource Recovery Center.

Kaase said Fillmore County solid waste administrator Jon Martin would be using local media resources to educate the public, but if that proves ineffective, the rural center may close by July 1.

Access permit

County zoning administrator Chris Graves asked the board to approve an access permit for the property of Andy and Esther Gingerich. The board had previously approved a conditional use permit for the construction of a new Amish schoolhouse on the same property.

Graves said the property already had an access point a quarter mile away, which would normally cause him to turn down such a request of access. However, upon further review it was noticed that the new access could also serve as a field drive for a land-locked field owned by Nick Stortz.

The work would include tapering of the access point and installation of a new culvert. The board approved the request unanimously.

Personnel issues

A long discussion was had on a possible reclassification of the highway account technician position to office manager. Human Resources Officer Kristina Kohn brought up the consideration after reporting that the 2013 review of 12 job descriptions had been completed. The position change had been in discussion with Bjorklun Compensation Consulting since 2011. They had recommended a change that would generalize the position.

Commissioner Duane Bakke said he wasn't sure if it would be better to create an office manager position that could be used in any department. The position was originally related to the assistant county engineer position and has been in the highway department since that time.

Bakke recommended the position be specified as a highway/airport office manager because of the need to have someone overseeing the airport. He also said there would be a cost-savings to the county with this specification to only a few offices. The change in classification was approved.

Significant discussion was also had on a consideration to give an additional $100 per month for the highway maintenance superintendent in order to maintain pay separation with a subordinate. Currently, the separation between the base pay of the superior and subordinate is being cut into by overtime pay to the subordinate. Over a three-year total wage comparison, the subordinate earned more than the superior.

Kaase said there needed to be a separation in base pay, but that overtime pay is there for a reason. Dahl said that there has been more overtime because of more snow and limited staff in the department. The motion failed 4-1 with Commissioner Chuck Amunrud voting for and Randy Dahl, Bakke, Kaase, and Prestby voting against.

As part of the county's move toward having fewer part-time custodial positions, both John Dollar and Erik Paulson were approved to move from a .5 position to a 1.0 full-time custodial position.

The board also amended the resignation date of Bonny Engen to possibly end on June 28. Re-evaluation of the position will occur at a future board meeting this month.

Other business

Ron Gregg, county engineer, received board approval to submit a final payment to Minnowa Construction for completing the Canton Township bridge on County Road 115.

The board approved the renewal of a Sentencing to Service agreement upon recommendation by Sheriff Daryl Jensen. The program allows qualified inmates on the Institution/Community Work Crew to do work through the DNR.