Fillmore County's board of commissioners meeting on Tuesday, March 4, was brief, mostly encompassing personnel changes and highway agreements.

First, Human Resources officer Kristina Kohn shared two county nurses' requests for changes to their employment status - Public Health nurse Kari Schultz will have her position reduced from 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) to .9, and registered nurse Kathy Thiss will have her position increased from .8 FTE to .9 FTE.

Kohn explained the two have different titles but similar roles in the county, meaning that some of the work is shared between the two and would be transferred to Thiss.

Kohn also reported that eligibility worker Shaun Hoff had submitted his resignation, and the board accepted it, expressing thanks to Hoff for three years of service to the county.

Additionally, she related that the automated defibrillators the county authorized for distribution to public places have arrived and will be placed in the designated buildings soon.

Highway department

Fillmore County highway engineer Ronald Gregg presented five items for consideration, beginning with a cooperative agreement between the city of Harmony and the county for the reconstruction of County 35, also First Avenue Southwest in Harmony, and a request to advertise for bids for the upcoming street improvement project. Both were approved.

The cooperative agreement states that since a consultant was used to design County 35's reconstruction, the city and the county will share expenses.

Next, the commissioners granted permission for advertising for bids for the replacement of a township bridge in Fillmore Township.

The board then went on to approve final payment of four construction projects - the first being for County 24 between Lenora and Highway 43, culverts for County Road 7 south of Chatfield for $5,957.27 and $5,999.19, and repairs to the County 23 bridge for $2,675.57.

Gregg asked the commissioners to vote on the updated bridge replacement priority list for the year, as he noted that the list changes perpetually due to repairs being made to various bridges. He pointed out the list shows the state what the county's bridge repair budgeting needs are. The commissioners agreed it is important to submit it, passing a resolution to accept the amended list.

Other business

Administrative items included approving payment of an invoice of $1,959.02 from Solbrekk Business Technology Solutions for the county's Zix e-mail encryption software subscription through Feb. 25, 2015.

Approval was given to making CenturyLink-Qwest the county's long distance provider at a rate of 4 cents per minute, extending the county's contract for another three years.

The commissioners approved payment to Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., for the Greenleafton sanitary sewer project.

Approval was also given for a merit step increase for fiscal officer Diane Olson upon her successful probation completion, effective March 1.