Dan Anderson spoke to the Lanesboro City Council of a possible joint maintenance agreement regarding the Church Hill parking lot. The property line goes right down the middle of the parking lot dividing the Church Hill property and the city. As the front of the vehicles park on the apartment side of the lot, the tails of the cars are on the city property.

The lot is in need of new blacktop. Some have discussed giving the city the property. Councilmember Thomas Manion commented there has been debate on private property previously and included the question of the city's involvement.

City Administrator David Todd questioned why the city should take over the lot. He suggested moving the parking lot to be only on the other property. According to Todd, the lot should have been developed with the Church Hill property in the first place.

Anderson said this has been considered, but it is as it always was. However, Councilmember Tom Smith raised the point if the joint agreement passed, who would pay the legal fees and future costs, such as plowing.

One suggestion to resolve this problem included putting together a committee to investigate it further by spring. Yet, an ordinance in place requires two parking spaces must be provided per every unit of off-street parking. Another solution suggested was a petition to vacate those parking spaces.

Nothing has been decided on this issue, but Anderson has offered to do more research on the issue.

Public utilities

The Lanesboro Public Utilities have only received two bids for the construction of a new well. It was noted that the city did not receive as many bids as it would have liked due to the fact the well is to be drilled down 1,000 feet. Some other drilling companies have said they are plenty busy.

Public utilities board has been advised not to rebid.

Todd mentioned the state has already mandated a timetable and there may not be a lower bid. The project must be completed by mid-2015 and has to coincide with the PFA funding.

The contractor, Mark J. TrautWells, Inc., has proper equipment to drill lower than the other. Public Utilities has approved one of the bids and city council has also approved the bid.

Those who have been working for the city in regard to the frozen pipelines are to be commended for the great work they have done for the city. Public Utilities has identified places that need work to ensure the freezing will not reoccur.

Farmers market report

The farmers market this year is being organized by four board members. One of those members is new.

In this 13th year of the market, the board plans not to change any procedures or bylaws. While deciding this, it was thought the Amish might join the market. If the Amish do join, they must follow the procedures and bylaws set by the board.

Last year the city council approved the erection of a permanent sign, but they have not received verification for where it goes. They already have an artist lined up to work on the sign.

Telecommunications bids

The city office currently has a franchise agreement with ACE Communications for its telecommunications. However, Mediacom has expressed interest in providing the city's needs. The agreement with ACE is not exclusive so they will be searching for other bids as well.

Administration office equipment

One of the computers in the administration office is reaching the end of its usable life. The hardware and software date back to 2002. Because of this the computer often freezes and may possibly crash prior to backing up many of the important records. The council approved investigating leases to try to keep costs down.

Other business

• The ambulance department hired Brent Anderson as a new EMT. There are two more positions open. Lee Anderson asked to change the business year from the fiscal year to the calendar year. This has been approved.

• There have been two building permits issued signed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

• The Lanesboro Chamber of Commerce recently hired a new executive director, Dee Slinde. She has been living in Lanesboro part-time over the past year and has already made many contacts in town. Her immediate past position was with Cardinal Stritch University in Rochester as director of enrollment/corporate and community relations. She also brings experience as a small business owner in Rush City, Minn., a small tourist town near Rush Lake, north of the Twin Cities.

• The fire department responded to one minor motor accident this past month. The relief association no longer meets the criteria for a required audit, but not doing an audit only saves the city $500. As such, the fire department will continue with the audit.