The Fillmore County Commissioners approved moving a snowmobile trail route through Chatfield, discussing the issue when members met Nov. 24. It will have snowmobiles run in both directions of the shoulder/ditch along Fillmore Co. 5 as it heads out of Chatfield on the southeast side of the road, past Kapper's Big Red Barn, the golf course and the cemetery.

Commissioner Tom Kaase and Sheriff Darryl Jensen explained the other side of the road was very steep and dangerous with the river below it. Normally, the snowmobile trail handled by the Hiawatha Sno-Seekers would have the trail running in one direction only on each side of the road. A new crossing area also will provide better visibility for both snowmobiles and highway vehicles.

Jensen also said the ditch would be grubbed out to provide more room for the snowmobiles.

Other business

• A county resident spoke during the Citizens Input time, held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m., on issues regarding refinancing a home, asking the county to consider subordinating the loan it provided on the septic system.

• The commissioners changed the time first published for the Tuesday, Dec. 1, meeting. It will start at 2 p.m., including a discussion on the required, pending new county radio system. The board will later break and then reconvene for a hearing on the budget and levy at 7 p.m.