In order to curb confusion as clubs go from business to business for fundraisers, the Fillmore Central Booster Club and Birds of Prey Booster Club have joined forces. Under the Booster Club umbrella, every other club will receive their shares of fundraisers to which businesses donate money.

Dean of Students Craig Mensink described the joint venture as a way to "reorganize and reenergize the Booster Club. Before this, it seemed like the clubs were competing with each other even with several members in both clubs. Now we want everyone to be on the same page and help each other."

As a part of the reorganization, the leadership of the clubs will be turned over to new people. Previously there were seven to eight sets of families who ran the booster club for 14 to 15 years, according to Jim Love. "We need more people involved to do a better job. We want to keep parents involved even after their kids have graduated from Fillmore Central," he said.

The vision is to combine all Falcon Booster Clubs to work toward one goal. That goal is to raise $40,000 per year to support all Fillmore Central sports and alleviate the costs to the school as much as possible.

The cost for hiring officials and updating equipment is expensive and the revenue from games and events does not cover the costs of the continual upgrading and improvements in equipment needs. With the clubs all geared toward this goal to raise more money to support the programs, the school would be able to enhance the experiences for the coaches and students.

The Booster Club will look much different than what it has been previously. The club will have a new tax 501c3 and every donation will be tax deductible. Accompanying this will be new donation levels for donors ranging from $25 to $1,000.

The club itself will also consist of board members, offices and committees to organize events.

With each level of donation also come certain privileges, including the fact that each donation includes a one-year membership. The highest level of $1,000 receives a choice of five promotion items and businesses are listed in athletic programs and have hole sponsorship at all golf tournaments.

The next level is $750. This would give a choice of four promotion items and businesses listed in athletic programs and a hole sponsorship at one golf tournament.

The third level is $500 guaranteeing a choice of three promotion items and listing in athletic programs. Furthermore, $250, $100 and $25 donations give the opportunity for one promotion item and listing in the athletic program.

Many of the events to look forward to have already been developed under one of the two previous booster clubs. The 5K Fun Run is scheduled to take place on the Saturday morning of Trout Days. All three golf tournaments are scheduled. The Big Cup Golf Tournament will be in Preston on the first Saturday in June, the nine-hole Wrestling Golf Tournament will be in Harmony on the last Saturday in July and the 18-hole Fall Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place in Harmony on the Saturday after Labor Day.

In addition, Hankies for Homecoming will continue this year as well as tailgating for home football games, the holiday wrestling tournament and the seventh thorough ninth grade boys and girls basketball tournament.

School Board Chairman Ross Kiehne presented a list of future needs to the group gathered. Those include uniforms, gym floor upgrades, indoor and outdoor batting cages, a football throwing machine, gym banners, weight room upgrade and equipment, technology, storage solutions, water for watering the fields and maintenance equipment. He added that ongoing needs include the continued improvements on the fields and buildings.

Along with the list, he presented a couple suggestions for fundraisers. One of these was selling coupon cards, similar to what the football team has done in the past but for all the sports. The businesses donating would be kept in a list. Another idea was selling advertising on the television screen or in the gym. The board is open to other ideas and suggestions the community may come up with.

The fundraising plan is to approach all Fillmore Central homes and businesses, including businesses outside of Harmony, Preston and Fountain, and to involve the student athletes in the fundraising. To limit the confusion, there would be an App made to ensure communication with all the people.

Since the booster club has been reorganized, new people are needed to serve as officers. While the booster club is open to all interested people, those on the board would be asked to lead on any committee related to the board in organizing an event. Options arose for terms each person would serve in the offices of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. One possibility is to serve four years on the board with one of those years in training. The other is to serve for one year in one capacity and shift positions throughout four years for the vice-president and president with the secretary and treasurer in for two years.

The new booster club is looking for people to become members and consider participating in the board and leading an activity. Those who wish to volunteer could be asked to help with at least two events in the year.

"If you are interested in holding an office, contact Chris Mensink by April 11," Kiehne stated.