Fountain's city council is searching for a new city maintenance foreman following the acceptance of Dan Byer's resignation last Thursday evening.

According to City Clerk Ronda Flattum, the council discussed what responsibilities will be during the interim and how to proceed in finding a new maintenance foreman.

Equipment needs

In other business, the council had considered at length whether to purchase a new plow truck or a new tractor to handle city maintenance work. Once the council discovered the plow truck is in better shape than originally thought, it determined that buying a tractor might be the best choice.

A representative from SEMA Equipment will attend the November meeting to present purchase options.

The council felt that it should also have the city attorney review the lease agreement before signing.

Police report

Fountain Police Chief Tom Mosher was unable to attend the meeting due to emergency medical technician training in Spring Valley, but submitted his report to Flattum.

It included a report of animal abuse, for which an intervention was made with the cooperation of Rochester's Paws and Claws animal shelter.

Other issues handled by the police included removal of an unwanted vehicle standing on a person's property and a bus arm violation that resulted in Mosher monitoring vehicle traffic during early morning hours.

Animal issues also included two dogs running loose, unlicensed dogs resulting in the owner being fined $140.

Finally, Mosher also dealt with threats involving a deadly weapon made to a local person.

Mosher also completed electronic DWI training and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension training, both required by the state of Minnesota.