Fountain's city council had visitors last Thursday evening as representatives from SEMA Equipment requested that an antenna be placed on the city's water tower to receive and record information from tractors taking passes through area fields.

They explained that the unit will assist the farmers in determining various planting time and fuel expenditures. Councilors agreed that allowing the unit on the tower would be beneficial to farmers.

Dave Morrill of McGhie & Betts appeared, as did representatives of PeopleService, Inc., to discuss how to manage nitrogen levels at the city's new wastewater treatment plant.

The plant has been in operation for approximately a year and a half, but it has posed numerous processing dilemmas that the city has hoped will be worked out, but once one problem has been resolved, another one persists. A few remedies were discussed and will be implemented over the next few months.

Councilors have been perusing the cost of having the parking lot in the alley behind the Bent Wrench resurfaced and, on Thursday night, accepted a bid to do so. The parking lot is used as a public lot even though it adjoins a private business and is occasionally used by the business.

Next, the council voted that four people should attend a volunteer appreciation dinner hosted by the Preston emergency services department.

Plans for the 2013 Fountain Trail Days were reviewed and finalized, as the city was pleased to note that the celebration would continue. Following the 2012 celebration, there were doubts as to the viability of the event, but a new planning committee has taken the lead and planned a day of activities in the park and musical entertainment throughout the day.

Finally, in his monthly report, Fountain Police Chief Tom Mosher cited that he had taken training, issued a traffic violation for a driver under the influence of alcohol, dealt with a dog running loose and another chasing another dog, mailed citations for expired vehicle license tabs, audited the video camera in the squad car, and answered a complaint about harassing overseas phone calls which turned out to be an elderly person misdialing the telephone.