The Lanesboro School Board met on Tuesday, May 13, to discuss several resolutions on the docket for the end of the school year.

Courtney Bergey from the Lanesboro Arts Center presented several projects and goals to the board that will be integrated into school programming as a part of the Lanesboro Arts Campus project.

For the past year, the Lanesboro Arts Center has focused on the Lanesboro Arts Campus project and has included the school in the planning and feedback for it.

Superintendent Jeff Boggs and several other school board representatives joined in the planning meetings. The Arts Center staff presented ideas to the students for their own feedback and provided an artist for a special workshop at the school.

"We held an interactive presentation with all K-12 students to gain feedback on concepts and open up a platform for students to voice what they would like to see in Lanesboro," Bergey related.

"We also recently sent our lead poet, Ed Bok Lee, into the fourth, fifth and sixth grade classrooms to do a poetry workshop for the kids. All partnership initiatives have been really successful and I want to first and foremost thank the school district for their work and partnership in continuing to bring these experiences to our youth," she continued.

In addition to thanking the school for their aid and influence in the Lanesboro Arts Campus, Bergey updated the school board on its capital campaign.

Currently the St. Mane Theatre is undergoing renovations on the top floor to provide more functional classroom space and improved dressing rooms to be available for the Lanesboro Community Theatre and the Lanesboro school's drama department use. The renovation is set to be completed by late June.

On July 19, the arts center will be holding a public bronze pour, which will feature community workshops and access to the process of pouring molten bronze to create sculpture. The pour is being organized by Karl Unnasch, the lead sculptor on the Arts Campus, who is also a Lanesboro-area resident and former Lanesboro student.

Plans are being finalized by the Lanesboro Arts Center and Lanesboro Park Board to put up poetry signage in the Bass Parking Lot.

"A public call for Haiku poetry will be going out soon and we want as many students as possible to submit their work," Bergey commented.

The Lanesboro Arts Center would like to partner with the school on some of the public space improvements to get students involved. The board suggested working with the FFA on growing native plants for the space in their greenhouse or potentially working with industrial tech classes to build benches and flower planters for the community.

Since the overall goal for the Lanesboro Arts Campus project is to make Lanesboro an even better place to raise a family and operate a business, Bergey expressed the arts center's desire to continue partnering with the school.

"We want to continue working with the school as we move into the next phases of the project and potentially collaborate on initiatives to bring more residents to the community," Bergey stated.

Injury prevention policy

At the school's insurance company's request, the board approved a few minor changes in the injury prevention policy.

The policy itself is standard in many public schools. Essentially it is an internal memo for teachers and coaches to exercise caution in demonstrating any physical activity.

Teachers and coaches are reminded to stop and think before physically demonstrating a maneuver or activity, making sure they take into consideration their own age limits. The policy is in place to prevent any accidents such as a teacher straining his or her back or spraining an ankle resulting in sizable expenditures in finding substitutes or increasing insurance premiums.

Special recognition

At the close of the school year, the board spent some time looking back on the many great accomplishments met by the students of the Lanesboro Public School. The board wished to recognize these students for their work.

This year, the cast and crew of "Sealed in Spit," directed by Krissy Overland, provided the public with an outstanding and well-done play.

Several FFA members traveled to the state convention in St. Paul and were awarded for their many accomplishments as well.

Additionally, Kristy Ruen's horticultural class provided a greenhouse and plants to the public this year. After raising the plants, they were able to sell spring plants and starter plants for landscaping. The board members thanked the students for their good work in putting it together.

Property committee report

At the regular meeting in April, the property committee was tasked to walk around the school building to see what areas of the school lot need to be worked on. Some of these areas include simple tasks like pulling weeds and grass out of the sidewalk and working on the gutter downspouts.

Improvements like these would be done either before the school year is over, using student volunteers, or prior to the start of the next school year.

The committee briefed the board on its findings and talked about meeting with one of the school-owned house renters. The renter had asked for the board's permission to put up a split rail fence at her own cost.

Personnel changes

The board approved several resignations from the teaching personnel on Superintendent Jeff Boggs' recommendation. Krista Flaig submitted her resignation from being the art teacher in order to accept her new position in Pine Island.

Sonia McCabe also resigned from Lanesboro as the preschool teacher.

In addition, the board approved not renewing the contract for Brianna Zabel as an elementary teacher at the school.

Other business

The board approved a search for purchasing a new school bus. The board will begin the process by engaging bus companies, discussing the needs with them. The board would have a time table set up of when they want the bus to be bought and determine which bus to exchange it with.

Certified contracts for the teaching staff were approved, but no action was taken for the administrative staff contracts until the next board meeting in June.

The board received a bid of $7,800 for the annual audit from Pam Ristau for the 2013-2014 school year. It approved the bid.

Congratulations were given for the fifth grade Math Master team for its second place finish at the competition in Austin.