The Lanesboro School Board gathered in a brief meeting on Thursday, Aug. 15, to take care of several items before the start of school on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

High School Principal Brett Clarke gave an update on the school's technology policy and netbook program. Clarke said the expectation among parents and students hasn't changed concerning cell phone usage. Phone use would be tolerated as long as it wasn't impeding an educational setting and as specified by the student handbook. The school's cell phone policy has been modified over the past several years the school has had it. Clarke reported that he hasn't had any major issues with students disobeying the policy.

Lanesboro's 1:1 program has, according to Clarke, made it through a successful first year. The program provides each 9-12 grade student a personal laptop for school use. The computers are being updated in their classroom management software. The software is free and Clarke said the updates were what the teachers had been looking for last year.

School board member David Lawstuen asked if netbooks used by seniors would get refurbished after they were done using them. Clarke said the new netbooks were under warranty, which would allow them to be refurbished this year.

When asked about damages, Clarke said roughly seven percent had damage to the screens with no other major reported damage. "The kids were honest in what happened," he explained.

"There is no perfect scenario, but it was well worth the time invested," Clarke added about the effectiveness of the program.

Superintendant Jeff Boggs asked the board to set a date for the Truth in Taxation meeting where the district's levy would be finalized. The board approved it to take place during the regular school board meeting on Dec. 19.

Fall contracts for athletic coaches were approved for James Semmen, Ethan Simonson, Cody Hungerholt, Brett Clarke and Kelly McMillen for football; Ellen Cullen for cross-country; and Chris Knutson, Darla Taylor, Dave Rogers and Lena Bergo for volleyball.

When asked about numbers for teams this year, Boggs said junior high numbers were less than what they had originally thought, but with higher freshman numbers.

He pointed out that Lanesboro enrollment is at 330, which affects how many will be in sports. Boggs also mentioned that the Southeast Conference is looking at realigning with Randolph possibly joining.

Finally, the board approved the high school handbook with no new changes to policies.