Lorna Landvik
Lorna Landvik
The Lanesboro Public Library is hosting a special booksigning event to kick off the new year's reading program on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m.

As a young girl growing up in Minneapolis, Lorna Landvik said she dreamt of becoming a writer someday. Through the assistance and encouragement of her parents and teachers, she wrote poems which would then be broadcasted over the radio.

After the birth of her second daughter, she and her husband moved back to Minneapolis. There she began compiling her first novel.

Author of eight books, Landvik will be speaking of her life as a writer and signing her books for those who desire to attend. Not only is she an author, but she is also an actor and playwright. As such, the night promises to be very entertaining.

Landvik's most recent book is "Mayor of the Universe," about a mild-mannered actuary who has a vivid fantasy life that is appreciated by aliens. She self-published this book though Landvik admitted she does not enjoy self-publishing. Consequently, she is thrilled that the book will be re-released in the fall by the University of Minnesota Press.

Her new book, called "Best to Laugh," will also come out this fall. "It's about a young women forging a comedy career in Hollywood in the 1980s and was loads of fun to write," Landvik stated.

Not only will a new book be hitting bookshelves in the fall, she is also in the midst of working on another book. Though she would not disclose her work-in-progress, she explained how she gets her inspiration for her books.

"For me, ideas are the easy part and they usually make their appearance through characters who come into my head. Often they bring a title with them," Landvik emphasized. "I'm intrigued by these people and want to know more about them so I begin writing and the more I write, the more I learn what their story is."

Though many of Landvik's books are published and two more are on the way, she has a few half-written novels that have not yet been published. However, she hopes to complete them and eventually share them with the world.

As the author, Landvik enjoys and loves all of her books she has shared and she will share. "I couldn't choose a favorite book - they're all like my kids and I can't favor one over the other," she declared.

Tara Johnson from the Lanesboro Public Library emphasized appreciation for being able to host such an author. "It is nice to have an event in the winter. But having an author helps to publicize the library in Lanesboro, which many people sometimes forget about," she said.

Johnson has read most of Landvik's books, but her favorite is "Patty Jane's House of Curl." She likened it to listening to an older relative speaking of what the past was like in those years.

Johnson said she looks forward to an exciting evening with Landvik as the start of the Hot Reads for Cold Nights reading program events for this year.

As yet, no other event has been planned for the reading program in Lanesboro, but the year is just beginning. However, on Feb. 27, the Preston Public Library will be hosting an event on the Boundary Waters with John Goucher speaking, a part of its own winter reading program for adults.